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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 556: I’ll Never Want to See you Anymore

“Flory. ” Stanford said in a deep tone. His voice was so light as if it would be blown off by the wind. He walked forward stiffly. “Let me take you home. ” In tears, Phoebe saw that Stanford walking towards the edge of the cliff. With a scary gaze, he looked as if he would jump into the sea. His words freaked her out more. Florence had jumped into the sea and been killed by the explosion. They couldn’t find anything of her. How could he take Florence home? “Mr. Fraser, what are you doing? Stop it!” Phoebe hurriedly struggled to stand up. She blocked his way nervously. She comforted him, “Please calm down, Mr. Fraser. Flory is. has already. Please don’t do anything silly again. ” Stanford pulled a long face, becoming cold and stubborn. “Move!” The word smashed on Phoebe like a hammer coldly and hardly. His strong imposing manner made Phoebe’s body trembling. In the past, for Florence’s sick, Stanford had never been too cold when talking to her. At least, he would remain polite. However, right at this moment, he looked like an unfeeling man. His aura was so horrible as if Phoebe were just an unknown woman who had blocked his way. Since she was standing in his way, he would kill her. Phoebe slightly trembled. By instinct, she wanted to move aside. However, it was a cliff that was dozens of meters high behind her. Trembling and gritting her teeth, she suppressed the fear and stood in front of him determinedly. Opening her arms, she kept stopping him. “Mr. Fraser, please calm down. ” “Calm down?” Stanford stared daggers at Phoebe, his eyes full of frightening anger. “Under such a circumstance now, how can you still be so calm? Phoebe Jenkins, is your heart as hard as the iron?” He looked at her in an extremely cold and detached way Phoebe stiffed suddenly. A chill raised from her soles to the top of her head. She wondered what he meant by saying it. Florence was killed, and she was so heartbroken that her eyes were swollen because she shed tears. However, she tried to stop Stanford from doing silly things for the sake of his safety. She wondered if she had done it wrong

She had a fond dream. From the beginning, she should haven’t tried to approach him and gain his heart. Stanford’s body slightly stiffed

. With the twinkled tearful eyes, Phoebe looked away. She didn’t have the guts to even stare at him for one more second. Suddenly, she turned around. Tears dropped from her eyes. They streamed along her face, and she couldn’t stop them at all. Her eyes were so blurred that she couldn’t even see the road under her feet clearly. However, she didn’t think she deserved to stay here any longer. It was all her fault. She should be blamed. If she hadn’t helped Ernest to sneak into the Fraser family’s villa, nothing would have happened to Florence now. She would still stay in the villa and enjoy her happy life as the daughter of this famous family. She had ruined everything. Phoebe felt as if she was a sinner. The sense of guilt was like a heavy mountain on her shoulders. She was almost overwhelmed. She didn’t think she still had the right to appear in front of Stanford. She has lost her courage. Phoebe walked stiffly, trying her best to move her feet. She bypassed Stanford and walked in another direction. She walked quite slowly, and each of her steps was quite heavy as if she would fall the next second. Gritting her teeth, she kept walking on. No matter how much she suffered and how painful she was, she wanted to hold back her feelings to leave Stanford’s sight. She didn’t want to disgust him more. Stanford stood motionlessly upright. His body was as straight as a benchmark as well as an ice sculpture. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Phoebe’s slim and petite figure. She was full of loneliness and sorrow, so fragile as if she would break down at any second. However, she kept walking determinedly, step by step, going farther and farther. Subconsciously, Stanford’s heart was tightened. He felt inexplicable pumping pains, stronger and stronger. He hated her, but his gaze was glued to her. He watched her leave without a blink. He felt something in his heart also collapsed along with her departure. Stanford frowned deeply, subconsciously covering his chest where his heart was. He wondered what happened to him. The sharp pang raised in his heart almost overwhelmed him