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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 658: I’ll Take You Wherever I Go

Ernest looked at Florence in a daze. His eyes slightly twinkled. He only knew that as long as he was with Florence, his disease could be controlled. However, he didn’t know that once they had sex, they must be bound together tightly. It was so unfair for her. Her force smile made his heart softened and melted. He didn’t have the heart, but he couldn’t refuse her anymore. Ernest stared at Florence, pressing his lips into an extremely tender smile. “Okay. No matter where I go, I’ll take you with me. ” From now on, they would never be apart. Upon hearing Ernest’s words, Florence knew that Ernest wouldn’t dump her on the way to find the herbs. She finally felt easy on this matter. Looking at Florence’s relaxed face, Victoria felt so depressed and hard to breathe, but she was so helpless. She was the one who must be responsible for this situation, so she had no other choices anymore. However, she felt sorry for Florence. Victoria’s eyes twinkled. Her lips trembled. After a long while, she uttered a word, “Flory. ” Upon hearing her voice, Florence stiffed. After a few seconds, she slowly turned around and looked at her. She pressed her lips and didn’t speak. Her eyes had some estrangement, distancing herself from Victoria. Looking at her, Victoria felt a sharp pang in her heart as if it was stung by a needle. She had expected it earlier. Sure enough, Florence blamed her for what she had done. However, when facing her daughter’s complaint, Victoria found that she felt more upset than she had imagined. With a slightly pale face, Victoria tried her best to suppress her emotion and looked at Florence solemnly. She said, “I’ll ask you again. Are you sure you’ll go with Ernest together?” After a pause, she immediately added, “On the way, you’ll encounter a lot of dangers. Raflad is a closed country and against the outsiders. If you go there, you’ll be attacked. There are deadly dangers everywhere. “You are just a girl, and you don’t have the self-protect ability. If you are not careful, you will probably die over there. Even so, will you still go there?” She told Florence all the possible dangers. Any ordinary person would step back when knowing the dangers. However, Florence’s attitude was the same as it was in the beginning. She didn’t change at all

She called, “Mom. ” Victoria suddenly paused. She stood upright without looking back, but her back was straightened

. Florence felt her nose sore. She said seriously in a stubborn tone, “Mom, I’m grown up now. I know what kind of life I want. I’ll be responsible for my choice. With the protection of Ernest and Stanford, I’ll come back safe and sound. Please rest assured. ”She wanted Victoria to rest assured and let her go. Victoria stood upright as if her body was frozen. While she was listening to Florence, tears streamed down her face. Her daughter had grown up. She couldn’t tell if she felt upset or delighted. After a long while, Victoria pressed her lips and then continued to walk forward. As Victoria left, Alexander exchanged a few words with them. Then he followed Victoria to leave. He knew that his wife was so upset, so he needed to comfort her. In the living room, Stanford and others were left. Stanford was still grabbing Ernest’s collar. After Victoria was gone, he immediately released Ernest. Still, he gazed at Ernest fiercely and warned, “We agree with you to be with Flory, but don’t you be off-guard. If you dare to treat Flory poorly, I’ll kill you!”Ernest said in a deep voice, “It wouldn’t happen. ”In his life, he’d rather give her all the best in this world. How could he be willing to treat her poorly?Seeing Ernest’s sincerity, Stanford finally felt a bit easier. He tidied up his clothes. “Let’s don’t delay it then. As for the preparation to set off, we’ve started to adapt the vehicles, but there are still a lot of things that you need to be in charge of and discuss with us. All right. Come with me. ”However, Ernest pressed his lips, but he didn’t nod in agreement immediately. He said, “I still have something to do. Wait a moment. ”Stanford frowned unhappily. The most important matter right now was to prepare for their departure. He wondered what kind of thing Ernest needed to deal with. “You. ” When he spoke unhappily, Stanford gaped at Ernest, who walked to the sofa, reached out, and carried Florence in his arms. Ernest gazed at Florence and said naturally, “Florence, let me carry you back to your room