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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 276: I’m Here with You.

Being scolded and pointed at her nose and slandered in public, Florence couldn’t endure any longer. She looked at Annabelle in disgust and questioned, “Annabelle, you can’t gain Reynold’s heart. Why do you think you can slander me in this way? What have I done to offend you?” “Am I slandering you? I just told the truth,” Annabelle said quite affirmatively. Florence’s temples were popping fiercely and she felt a strong migraine. The gazes from the crowd were stinging her like thorns, making her so embarrassed. She hadn’t done anything wrong, but Annabelle kept slandering her. Florence’s retort sounded so weak. Not only her but also Ernest’s reputation was ruined. She was worried about how those people would look at her and what rumors would be made against Ernest. Florence wished that she could tear Annabelle’s mouth. However, she had no idea how she could prove her innocence. She felt the strong migraine, feeling the disdain and hatred from the onlookers surrounding her. “Crick. ” The leather shoes cricked on the floor. The footsteps stopped next to Florence. Ernest’s tall and strong figure appeared next to Florence. Reaching out, he pulled Florence into his arms. He was tall and strong and Florence was petite. He wrapped her in his arms like providing her with a safe haven, so protective and secured. His embrace blocked those hateful gazes. Florence’s heart skipped a beat when she smelt the familiar scent. Turning around, she saw the familiar handsome face. It was Ernest. Looking at her, he slightly nodded. His low and calm voice made her feel so secure. “I’m here with you. ” Hence, he hinted that she should rest assured. His words were like a tranquilizer that calmed down Florence quickly. She wasn’t panicked or sad anymore. She seemed to find someone to rely on. As long as he was here with her, she wouldn’t fear those rumors at all. The onlookers witnessed Ernest come over suddenly. Under their gazes, he held Florence in his arms without caring about anything. His domineering gesture fully declared his desire for possession and protection to Florence. Everyone gazed at them in surprise. Florence was revealed of dating two men at the same time in public, and Ernest was cheated on by her. That meant Ernest’s dignity was ruined. Wasn’t he supposed to hate Florence to the core? How could he step out and hold her protectively? Annabelle was deadly shocked, stiffing at the spot like a log. She looked at this superior and respected man in disbelief. Since she was so close to Ernest, she could clearly feel the strong aura emanated from the man, which made her hard to brief

Also, he became too humble to get in any relationship with Florence. No man would rather give up his dignity to protect a woman. Unless what Reynold said was the truth

. All the gazes were swept among the four. They all understood what Annabelle had said was fake. Florence wasn’t dating Reynold at all. Hence, that meant they had misunderstood Florence. Annabelle muttered in disbelief, “How could. How could this be. ”Reynold was such a proud man, but he apologized in public. No matter what else Annabelle would say, her words would be useless. Did that mean there was no affair between Florence and Reynold at all?Annabelle still couldn’t believe it because she could tell. Her voice made Ernest frown unhappily. An undisguised disgust appeared on his face. He lowered his head and said to Florence in his arms. “Let’s leave here. ”Florence looked at the man in a daze. Her heart kept hammering. His behaviors and words were all protective to her. He just protected her without any suspicion. It was him who had saved her from the most embarrassing scenario. Staying in his arms, Florence felt as if she had found the most reliable one to rely on. She felt so secured and peaceful. All the harm on her was blocked by the man aggressively. Seeing that Florence was looking at him in a daze, Ernest was a bit startled by her affectionate gaze. The anger in his chest disappeared a little in secret. He pressed his lips. “Can’t you move now?”It wasn’t until then did Florence come back to her senses. She wondered what had happened to her. How could she lose in thought while looking at Ernest in front of so many people?She also thought about a lot of shameful things in her mind. Florence was flustered and panicked. When she was about to speak, suddenly she felt the loss of balance . she was lifted by the man. In a panic, she hurriedly wrapped her arms around Ernest’s neck. Looking flustered, she asked, “Mr. Hawkins, what. ” She wanted to ask what he was doing.