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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 38: Imminent Danger

When the crowd heard this, their faces turned pale in disbelief. Other than feeling surprised, they felt ashamed even more. They were unwilling to believe his words and were even more unwilling to admit his words. But, they really had no confidence to compare their own works with Florence’s design. The gap among them was a gap that could be judged by anyone in the design industry with just a glance. Elise’s face looked even worse. She had actually seen Florence’s last design before. At that time, she was deeply afraid of Florence’s ability so she used coffee to ruin Florence’s design. She thought that in just a short time, Florence would not be able to come out with the design of the clothes for the CEO. That was the reason she dared to say without fear that Florence totally did not have a work. But now… Elise’s throat felt uncomfortable as if she had swallowed a fly. Florence gratefully glanced at Cooper, “Thank you. ” “I’m your assistant, this is what I should do. ” Cooper smiled warmly. It was fortunate that he had the foresight and managed to guess that some people would be looking for Florence’s trouble after the name list was announced. So, he went to print out a copy of Florence’s design in advance. The crowds were ashamed and embarrassed to say anything else. They turned around and left. Elise clenched her fists in anger and was very reluctant to accept it. She glared at Florence and said in a strange tone. “Two days ago, I heard what the executives discussed at first was that the places this time will be decided based on the situation of the competition, and the places are meant to be contested by the experienced designers of the company. However, after that, Mr. Hawkins suddenly decides without a clear reason to personally determine the names that can get the places. I remember that Florence seems to be in the CEO’s office these two days?” These words somehow triggered the suspicion of the people. Although she did not explicitly say it, her words implied that Florence had used a certain illegitimate means. It seemed like the crowd who was embarrassed just now had found something that could be criticized again. They all looked at Florence with strange expressions that were full of doubts, sarcasm and even disgusts. Florence frowned, “Elise, explain clearly, why are you speaking in such a strange tone?” “You still need me to explain clearly? You don’t know what you have done?” Elise maliciously looked at Florence, “Florence, the reason I don’t say it clearly is to save face for you. ” She did not explain it clearly but what she actually meant was clearly guessable. This made others thought about something bad even more. At this point, whether Florence had explained or not, she would definitely make others felt like she was just having a guilty conscience

Ernest pursed his thin lips and looked at Elise with an extraordinary coldness. “But I don’t like those who do tongues wagging, throw her out. ” After the words were uttered, a few bodyguards in black walked into the Design Department at once

. Elisa’s body abruptly stiffened and she looked at Ernest in shock. Her legs went weak and were uncontrollably quivering. If she was thrown out by Ernest from the company, no company would dare to hire her again after that. This even meant that her name would be removed from the design circle. The reputation that was built by her after working so hard for so many years…Would be devastated completely!“No, no…Mr. Hawkins, I don’t want to go out, I didn’t do tongue-wagging, I didn’t, forgive me, forgive me…”Elise’s plea for mercy did not get a little sympathy. The bodyguards rudely pulled her out. At this time, the crowd of the Design Department immediately drew a line of demarcation and stood far away from her. Looking at Elise who was being dragged out miserably, Florence was still so shocked that she could not regain her presence of mind. The colleague she detested the most, Elise, who always bullied her in the company, was kicked out of the company just like that?She would not need to see Elise’s disgusting behaviour again?She suddenly felt good and her lips could not help but curl. Not knowing when, Ernest stood next to Florence at a very close distance and whispered. “Very happy? Who else do you detest, I’ll fire them together. ”He spoke so casually as if these well-known designers were not worth a dime for him. And this kind of unprincipled way of protecting the weak person made Florence’s heart throbbed wildly. Cooper, who was standing on the other side, felt a little uncomfortable after seeing Ernest standing very close to Florence. He suddenly took a step forward and interposed himself between them. He stood in front of Florence, looked at Ernest and said without being condescending, “Mr. Hawkins, is there anything important you want to do so that you come to the Design Department?”Cooper was very tall. His eyes were at the same level as Ernest’s. Although he always seemed to have down to earth personality, there was an introverted temperament in his body. Despite facing Ernest at this moment, his imposing manner was surprisingly not inferior to Ernest’s. Now only Ernest noticed Cooper and he could feel Cooper’s hostility and vigilance. He realized something and his eye darkened out of the blue. Two extremely handsome men were looking at each other and this scene was so extraordinarily eye-catching. Simultaneously, the entire atmosphere of the Design Department also became oppressive and dangerous. It was as if a battle was imminent.