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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 55: Impressing All the Audience

She had thought of preventing it, but she didn't expect Evelyn to be waiting for her here! She couldn't believe that the waiter didn't do it on purpose. Almost all the lower half part of the white dress was soaked with red wine, it looked so red and looked so bad. Evelyn pulled on her dress and showed an innocent look on her face. “Ms. Fraser, I didn't do it on purpose. ” It would be strange if it wasn't done on purpose! Florence was so angry that her body went stiff. Meanwhile at that time, the previous model had gone off the stage, thus the staff by the entrance shouted, “Florence's model, Evelyn, go on the stage. ” Evelyn sneered as she looked at Florence, “Ms. Fraser, do I still have to go on stage?” How could she go on the stage when the dress was looking like that? Winnie's expression also turned into a frown. “Why were you so careless, you just had to bump at such time? So many wine stains, even the color of the dress has changed, there's no way to get on stage now. ” Evelyn shrugged innocently. Winnie worriedly looked at Florence, “Ms. Fraser, there's no other way, maybe you should just forfeit?” She had gone through a lot of hardships to reach where she was today, but when she was just one step away, she had to forfeit? At the same time, the previous model on the stage already done half of her walk, but the model after her couldn't come out. People and the judges looked at the exit, feeling puzzled. “Shouldn't there be another model? Why is she not out yet?” “Did something happen?” “Such a big competition shouldn’t allow any mistake; if she's not coming out then just disqualify her. ” Ernest was sitting elegantly on the independent judge seat; he looked gloomy as he gazed at the exit. The previous model had left, but no one came out. The stage was empty. The judge spoke in dissatisfaction, “Just disqualify her, tell other model and designer to go up the stage. ” “Okay. ” The staff immediately wanted to do so after hearing that. At that time, there was a cold command from the independent judge’s seat. “Wait. ” Ernest's voice sounded so low, “She'll come out. ” Right after that, the staff didn't dare to leave, he questionably looked at the other three judges, were they going to announce the disqualification or not? The other three judges didn't expect Ernest to suddenly say something too, and they didn't dare to refute Ernest's words either. Even if they were all sitting on judge seat, Ernest was specially invited, and none of the members of the Ovi Fashion Design Contest would dare to provoke him with his actual status. In the backstage, Winnie was looking at Florence, feeling sorry, so she walked over and softly patted on Florence's shoulders. “There's no other way, there'll be another chance next time. ” Florence's face turned pale as she gritted her teeth, feeling so unwilling to

While thinking of that, Evelyn walked out with her high heels. Florence looked straight at Evelyn, who was walking up the stage, feeling very nervous. The result of the show could almost relate to her life and death

. At the site…The spotlight was on Evelyn, making her the most dazzling person on site. Numerous gazes looked towards the dress she was wearing. “Whoa, so beautiful. ”“It is, even if the last one came out late, it's worth the wait. ”“It's my first time seeing such a random design, dreamy and enchanting, combining two factors can unexpectedly be so perfectly harmonious. The audiences were talking in whispers. Evelyn was indeed a professional model, she was very dissatisfied but that's her professional stage, she didn't specially show it off but she still walked stylishly. In the end, she stopped in the middle of the stage, facing towards the four judges. There were two scoring for the competition, the four judges would give 40 points, both on and off site audience would give 20 points. In the end, the scores would decide the winner, and seven best designers would participate in the next competition, the rest would be eliminated. “The dress looks good, I'm giving 9 points. ”The first judge scored it. The second judge looked at the dress and said, “The result looks good, but it doesn't match the design style this time, it drifted quite far away. I'll just give 7 points. ”The third judge, “Even if I don't know what the reason is, the color seems like it had just been dyed and it's too random. But I can see the designer's talent, thus for the final score, I'm giving 8 points. ”The three judges had given their scores, only the last judges, Ernest, had yet to give his score. Designers, who were watching from the backstage, discussed in whispers. “Mr. Hawkins only gave 7 points for all the previous designs, without any exception, Florence this last one must be 7 points too. ”“Yeah, it's 31 points in total, three points away from the first place, Isabel, Florence can easily get eliminated. ”Even if it's just a 3 points difference, but the high ranking designers only got 1 or 2 points difference at max. There should be not much difference in the 20 points from off-site audience, Florence had yet to have fans, and the probability of her getting eliminated became higher. Almost everyone had guessed the result in their hearts.