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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 288: In a Drunken Fit?

She looked out of the window and smiled helplessly, “Ernest Hawkins. ” It seemed like that his name had been craved on her heart unknowingly. But he was the one that she couldn’t love. Phoebe was not surprised when she learned the answer because it was within her expectation. As expected, how could Florence fall in love with the other man with such a perfect fiancé by her side? “Now that you have feelings for Ernest, why do you want to cancel the engagement with him?” It’s a life-time pursuit and the happiest things for a woman to marry a man that she loves. Phoebe couldn’t understand Florence. Florence pressed her lips together. She was overwhelmed by a bitter feeling. It was because she loved Ernest that she had to cancel their engagement. She shook her head, “This is life. For the most of the time, we can’t do the things that we like. ” Phoebe knitted her brows and felt distressed for Florence. “But you look sad now. ” Florence didn’t look as sad as she was now when she was treated by Grayson back then. She must love Ernest very much. In TS Club… Generally a super luxurious private room was supposed to be boisterous with beauties surrounding their guests. But right at this moment, several men sat straightly and obediently on the sofa. All off them looked gloomy. They drank one bottle after another. None of they dared to speak loudly. They stole a glance at the man who was sitting on the innermost part of the sofa from time to time to see whether if his expression was getting colder. Originally, Harold and his friends had a gathering tonight and they booked the private room as well as the beautiful hostesses and the wines. When they were singing in the room, which pushed the atmosphere to its climax, Ernest broke into the room and walked in with a cold face. He then urged those hostesses to leave without any explanation. Harold and his friends were dumbfounded and looked at each other in bewilderment. Everyone had perceived that Ernest was not in a good mood tonight. Even Harold, who had been acting unruly and annoyingly in usual times, restrained himself and sat on the sofa near to Ernest obediently. When Ernest gulped down the glass of wine, he would immediately refill the glass. Stephen finally failed to control his curiosity and secretly poked at Anthony’s arm. “What’s wrong with Ernest today? He came back from Riverside in advance of the schedule and threw temper tantrums. ” Anthony was also confused, “I’m not clear of it either. ” “What about Harold? Looks like he knows some secrets. See, he’s so ingratiating now

Ernest had never encountered such an annoying thing in his life. He even couldn’t find a breakthrough to solve this problem. Harold took out a new glass for Ernst and filled it with wine

. He was not as nervous as he was just now. When Ernest strode into the room furiously, he thought it was because of the words he told Ernest last night and Ernest learned that Florence didn’t like her later. Therefore, Ernest was so mad. And he himself, who offered Ernest fake information, was unforgivable and would be the first one to be implicated. He had been nervous for the whole night, fearing that Ernest would vent his anger on him at any time. Harold now finally felt relieved when he learned about the truth. He would not suffer as long as the information he told Ernest last night was true. Harold became bolder. He picked up a glass of wine and toasted Ernest, asking, “Ernest, are you bothered by something?”Ernest should feel delighted when he learned that Florence liked him, but he was in a bad mood now. It was rare to see him acting like this and Harold guessed that it was because of Florence. Harold couldn’t figure out the reasons. Since both Ernest and Florence had fallen for each other, they should confess their feelings. How could there be such a twist?Ernest gulped down the other glass of wine with a cold face. He simply pressed his lips together, showing no intention to talk about this. Harold became more curious. Driven by his curiosity, he asked tentatively, “Is it because of Florence?”Ernest suddenly winkled his brows and exuded a ferocious aura. “Don’t mention about her in front of me. ” He felt angrier when he heard Florence’s name and even his chest was aching. Harold felt surprised. What was wrong with them?Could it be that he had a quarrel with Florence? But Florence just made sure that she loved Ernest last night. Ernest’s way of falling in love was really different from ordinary people. Ernest gulped down several other glasses of wine but it still failed to relieve his anger. Florence had occupied his mind no matter how hard he tried to get rid of her. “Bam. ”Ernest fretfully slammed the glass onto the ground. Harold, who was enjoying the wine, was startled and the wine in his glass splashed out. Dumbfounded and terrified, he fixed his eyes on Ernest. “Ernest, what’s wrong?”Was Ernest in a drunken fit? But he didn’t drink too much wine. In the past, even if he was drunk, he would not become obstreperous. What was wrong with him now?