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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 178: In a Mess

Wait! Maybe Ernest did those things just because he wanted to marry her. After all, he was motivated to marry her. As for why Ernest wanted to marry her, Florence originally thought that it was because of Gemma. But now… It seemed like she hadn’t thought carefully about this question… Ernest became more indifferent when returning to a normal state. He glanced at Harold coldly and then asked him to leave, “You can leave now. ” Harold originally wanted to joke at him, but the words were stuck in his throat now. Ernest was way too unreasonable! He got up from the bed in the midnight and rushed to the villa to save him. He even arranged Florence to stand at the door and guided Ernest to confess his feelings for Florence. He tried to help Ernest by various means but Ernest indifferently asked him to leave in the end. Harold felt aggrieved and annoyed. Therefore, he said to Florence who was hiding behind the door, “Flory, we’ve finished. You can come in now. ” Ernest froze when hearing his words. He turned his sharp gaze to the door and as expected, he founded the little woman hiding behind the door. Florence hadn’t left. The indifference on his handsome face was replaced by awkwardness. Being exposed, Florence flushed and felt unease. She complained in heart that Harold was really unreliable. It was him to teach her to eavesdrop behind the door, but now he exposed her! He was really immoral. Florence pushed open the door sulkily and looked at Ernest awkwardly, “I… I’m just worrying about you… Mr. Hawkins, are you fine now?” Judging from Florence’s expression, Ernest knew that she must have heard the conversation between him and Harold just now. Although it would not have any disadvantage to him, Ernest still felt a bit embarrassed as he almost fed Florence the drugged Chinese medicine soup just now. His gaze became gloomy and he said in a deep voice, “I’m fine now. Come in. ” Harold twitched his mouth feeling very dissatisfied, “Alas, the moral degeneration of the world is getting worse day by day. Someone asked the doctor who has just saved his life to leave, but is now so patient to his little girlfriend who just eavesdropped. The old saying is true: brothers are not comparable to girlfriend. ” Florence’s face became redder when she heard the teasing words. She wished so much that she could find a hole on the ground to hide herself. Ernest glanced at Harold coldly and said indifferently, “Can brother be comparable to wife?” Ernest asked it calmly, but Harold felt like he was stabbed by numerous daggers at the moment. He twitched his mouth and gazed at Ernest sulkily, “Ernest, don’t bully a single man!” Seeing that Harold was about to be angered, Florence felt helpless. Harold was good in many aspects, but he liked gossips, teasing others and talking nonsenses

Charlotte, who wore nothing, was lying on the ground and ‘having sex’ with a pillow. Her face was red and she was messy and crazy. Like what she had expected, Charlotte was also drugged

. And it was Charlotte who drugged herself! Undoubtedly, it was Charlotte who drugged Ernest. Florence originally thought that Charlotte tried to seduce Ernest out of momentary impulse because Ernest was so handsome and it was simple for a girl who yearned for love to develop feelings towards him. But she hadn’t expected that Charlotte would be so bold to drug Ernest with philter. Had she ever thought that Ernest was her future brother-in-law when drugging him?Had she ever thought about what her sister had to face after this?Florence felt shocked and heartbroken. She knitted her brows and suppressed the nauseas in her heart. She then walked over the bed sheet and then wrapped Charlotte in it. Charlotte became so excited when getting in touch with a person and pounced towards Florence. She murmured, “I want you. Fuck me, Ernest. I want you…”“Don’t move. ” Florence reprimanded her in a low voice and wrapped Charlotte tightly with the bed sheet. Charlotte couldn’t reach out her hands or move. Florence then shouted, “Mr. Brooks, I’m done. Come in please. ”Harold then walked into the room. When seeing the messy room, he sighed emotionally, “Your sister is so bold. ”Florence replied embarrassedly, “I didn’t expect that she would do that kind of thing. ”She, as Charlotte’s elder sister, should also be held reliable for this because she didn’t teach him well. Harold smiled, “Nice attempt. It will be good if you can be as bold as her. ”Then Ernest would not have to control his desire for Florence before. Florence, who was blaming herself, suddenly became speechless. She gazed at Harold in astonishment and looked dumb. What the hell did she say?Did Harold know what was right and what was wrong?Florence felt speechless and thought she was joking at her. Florence cut the crap and came to the point directly, “Please inject the antidote for her. ”“Okay. ”Although Harold liked saying some incredible bullshits, he was brisk and businesslike. He quickly made up the prescription and injected the antidote into Charlotte’s body