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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 99: In the Car

Ernest carried Florence in his arms and directly walked out of the room and the main door without stopping his paces at all. He commanded with a darkened face, “Timothy, drive the car over here. ” “Yes, sir. ” Timothy hurriedly went to drive the car. “Ernest. ” Gemma caught up to them and her eyes were sparkling when she looked at Ernest. She looked as if she was really torn. After hesitating for a while, she spoke softly, “If you leave now, what about my illness then…” Ernest’s handsome face did not have any expression change. His tone was indifferent. “If you want to stay here, I’ll let Timothy accompany you. ” This meant that he was bound to leave now. Gemma was reluctant and she still wanted to say something else. However, seeing Ernest’s indifferent expression, she felt as if her throat was clogged with a large stone, which prevented her from saying any word. In his view, Florence was a thousand times more important than her. Due to the fear just now, Florence subconsciously stayed in Ernest’s arms to seek a sense of security. But, they were already downstairs now and Gemma was also there. Florence spoke uneasily, “Mr. Hawkins, put me down, just let Timothy send me back. It’s better that you stay here to accompany Miss Marlon. ” As Florence spoke, she tried to get herself down from Ernest’s arms. But, the arms around her waist tightened abruptly and the force used by him to carry her increased, making her immobile. Ernest looked down at her and he was so domineering that he did not let her refuse. “Don’t move. ” “But…” “If you move again, I’ll kiss you. ” Ernest threatened her with a deep voice. Hearing such words, Florence’s white face instantly blushed. Her body stiffened and she did not dare to move. She felt very uneasy. Looking at the intimate interaction between them, Gemma was immensely green with envy. She really wished that she could become Florence. Gemma experienced a hard time and she finally managed to contain her emotion. She nodded slightly with a pale face. “It’s already night now. You guys take care of your safety on the road. ” As she spoke, she looked at Florence with care but the words were actually spoken to Ernest, “Ernest, Flory was frightened just now, you should stop scaring her. Send her back safely

Ernest’s face darkened and immediately looked at Florence’s wound. He could only see the wound that was two to three centimetres long, which was still covered with blood that had not been wiped off completely. His eyes instantly darkened even more

. His urge to kill Collin surged up again. “Do you know what this is? How come I suddenly have the figure of red blemishes on my skin…” Florence said anxiously but when she spoke halfway, she abruptly froze. When she looked at her wound, it looked just like an ordinary wound. Her snow-white skin did not have the red blemishes seen by her just now. What was going on?Could it be that she had seen wrongly just now?But that kind of feeling was too real. She clearly remembered that she did see it. Ernest took the medical kit and opened it while looking at Florence confusedly. “What’s wrong? What have you seen?”Florence looked at her snow-white skin again and was exceptionally puzzled. Afterward, she shook her head helplessly, “Maybe I was too nervous so I saw it wrongly. ”Ernest looked at her with a complicated expression and did not ask any more questions. He used the rubbing alcohol to clean her wound. “Ouch…”When the rubbing alcohol was put on Florence’s wound, she felt quite painful and subconsciously tried to move her body away. Being observant of this, Ernest hurriedly pressed her shoulders to prevent her from moving away and stared at her. His tone was slightly deep, “Don’t move. ”Florence sat stiffly and gritted her teeth. She had to endure it. Not knowing the reason, she felt that this pain made her felt exceptionally painful although she was usually a person who could bear pains. Ernest put the anti-inflammatory solution on Florence’s wound. After carefully bandaging it, he did not immediately let go of Florence. His tall body was still pressed on her body. He gazed at her wounds and his eyes became narrower as if the clusters of fires in his mind were ignited. Did he also find something wrong?Florence hurriedly looked at the spot where Ernest was gazing at. But, she saw that her bra was exposed on her soft breast. Her face abruptly turned as red as an apple, “Don’t look at it!”In a panic, she wanted to push him but his large hand grabbed her wrist and held it back over her head. Ernest gazed at her. His voice was deep and hoarse. “Florence, I’ve already seen it. ”Florence was stunned. How could he say such words so calmly without blushing?She was so ashamed that she just wanted the earth to open up and swallow her whole from this situation. Ernest, however, did not feel ashamed at all. Out of the blue, he kissed her collarbone