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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 676: In the Darkness

The car, which had been parked steadily, suddenly shook violently. And then, it plunged downwards violently before they could react in time. Florence’s butt was off the seat instantly, and she flew towards the roof of the car as if weightless. She was about to hit the roof of the car. “It’s collapsing!” Ernest’s low and depressing voice came into her ears. He moved swiftly, pulling Florence and holding her in his arms. He fastened the seat belt in the back seat to her with a click. At the same time, his tall body resisted the downward force and pressed his whole body against hers, hiding her entire body under his. However, the man’s powerful embrace made Florence even panic and fear. He would be hurt to the utmost like this! She stared blankly out of the tilted window and saw the snow and rocks outside had crumbled down with the collapse, crashing down after their car. The cave-in on the road was so massive that nearly all the cars in front had fallen off. Amid the chaos, Florence couldn’t even see Stanford and his men. Had they fallen too? She didn’t know. Nor did she have time to think about it. She felt an intense crash the next second. The car was tumbling down the slope with a massive jolt that almost shattered her bones all over. And the car was still rolling rapidly downwards. The pain in her body was so great that she couldn’t hold on any longer and fainted. … Florence opened her eyes again after some time. It was a total blackout in front of her, where no light could be seen. She felt hopeless, as if she was in hell. She was dazed for a while and unable to come back to her senses for a long time, not knowing whether she was still alive. Or had she fallen to her death? Her mind replayed the image of falling down the snowy mountain. The collapse. She sat in the car and fell with Ernest. Right, where was Ernest? Florence’s heart was pounding, and her stiff body was infused with strength in a flash. She hurriedly raised her hand, just to touch the person who was initially pressing on top of her. However, she realized that there was no one on top of her when she moved her hand. There was just nothing. Florence was stunned, and her face went pale instantly. She remembered that when she fell amid the violent bumps, Ernest hadn’t fastened his seat belt but held her tightly, taking most of the impact for her. Even so, she still passed out from the pain

The tears she had been holding back rolled down from her eyes all of a sudden. She choked with tears, “Ernest, Ernest, wake up. This can’t have happened to you

. You can’t die. You can’t leave me alone. ”“Wake up. Don’t scare me. Don’t scare me. ”“Liar, you lied to me. You said you wouldn’t leave me alone. How could you lie to me? How could you…”Her hoarse cries echoed in the darkness, filling the whole place with pain and despair. The darkness seemed to be crushing one to death and destruction. “Don’t even think about it. I’ll take you with me even if I die. ”The man’s dull and low voice rang out in the darkness. However, it sounded like heavenly music to Florence. She was utterly stunned, with tears hanging in her eyes. She couldn’t see anything, yet she stared blankly at the man in front of her as if her shock and extreme joy were conveying through the darkness. Her voice was trembling or maybe happy. “Are… are you awake?”Was he alive?Ernest’s voice was stiff, deep and slow, yet with a doting smile. “You’re crying too loud. ”It woke him up. However, that flirtatious words made her felt at ease instantly. The despair in her had scattered in an instant. He wasn’t dead!That was great! He was fine!Florence hugged Ernest tightly with joy, burying her head in his chest and crying loudly. She cried her heart out. She took out all the fears and panic she had just suffered. Ernest was so distressed, feeling the instant wetness on his chest that he wanted to reach out and pat her back to comfort her. But as soon as he moved, a sharp pain came from his arm, almost causing him to faint again.