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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 438: In This Dark Quiet Night, Would He Come to Her?

Benjamin’s handsome face became a little pale and he said in shock, “How do you know?” The affairs of the Fraser family and the Turner family have always been secrets, and weren’t mentioned to the outsiders. Even if the marriage was called off, Clarence in City N shouldn’t have known about it. Was Clarence really just as simple as a person from City N? Benjamin’s gaze became sharper and sharper, wanting to see through Clarence. Florence’s heart suddenly became worried and she clenched her fingers tightly. She knew Clarence’s true identity. Benjamin’s methods were remarkable; if he doubted anything, it would be terrible. Florence was flustered and hurriedly wanted to make up a reason. But at this moment, she felt Clarence’s arm rest intimately on her shoulder. He put his arm around her and said playfully, “Of course, Florence told me. ” The way he said that Florence told him, was as if he was worried that he might have misunderstood something. Benjamin’s face suddenly became as ugly as the bottom of a burned pot. Florence just met Clarence but she even told him that? It was completely unbelievable that Florence didn’t mean anything to Clarence! Benjamin felt a strong sense of crisis. He realized now that Clarence, who had just appeared, was definitely his rival. “Flory, what are you doing here?” As the atmosphere was frozen, Phoebe suddenly came over. As she walked over, she stretched out a hand to hold Florence and pulled her to her side instantly separating her far away from Benjamin. Originally, she had been looking for all sorts of excuses to talk to Stanford so that Florence and Clarence could spend time alone when she inadvertently saw Benjamin coming. She was afraid that Benjamin would be able to catch a mistake and she hurried over. “Just eating a bit. ” Florence replied, exchanged glances with Phoebe and said, “Didn’t you say you wanted to visit our back garden? Let’s go, I will show you around. ” “Okay. ” Phoebe agreed and then looked at Clarence, “My cousin has also not seen it, let’s go together. ” Together with Clarence? Florence was naturally a hundred percent willing. Stanford said with a calm face from the side, “I will come too. ” Florence, “…” Stanford, it would be inconvenient if you come. Florence thought inwardly but didn’t say anything out loud. As the four people agreed, Florence and Phoebe took the lead holding hands and walking towards the back garden. Stanford and Clarence glanced at each other and followed silently. And for Benjamin, no one paid even a little attention to him and simply ignored him as if he was air. *Crunch* With a crisp sound, the wine glass in Benjamin’s hand broke

He just didn’t like men being within the range of his sister’s territory, that was all. But Victoria had already spoken and Stanford had no choice but to stiffly say, “In this case, you can live in the room opposite to Florence. ” The room in which Florence stayed was connected to the other rooms by an oval shaped living room

. The room opposite to her was at the other side of the oval and was farthest from her room. Stanford’s arrangement was really…He was still struggling in the end to keep Clarence as far away from Florence as possible. Florence was helpless but just being able to have Clarence stay in her area was quite convenient. The room was settled and the maid helped move Phoebe’s and Clarence’s luggage and arranged them properly. By this time, it was already midnight and it was time to sleep. Florence was very happy in her heart. Originally, she wanted to talk to Clarence but Stanford stayed in her room and didn’t leave until he saw her get into bed and fall asleep. As he left, he helped her turn off the lights and closed the door. “Good night! See you tomorrow. ”Florence, “…” Stanford, you are behaving like you are guarding something. Is it fun? She said inwardly. Florence stayed nestled in the quilt, not saying anything. When Stanford finally left, Florence got out of bed and walked quietly to the door. She opened the door slightly and looked out. The lights in the hall were out and it was quiet; no one was there. It seemed that Stanford had really gone. Florence breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the door opposite to hers. The door was tightly closed and only a gleam of light was coming out from under the door. Clarence was inside the room, so close to her. Florence’s heart couldn’t help but beat fast in her chest. In this dark quiet night, would he come to her?Before all this, he often did…Just thinking about it, Florence couldn’t help but curl her toes, full of expectation. She closed the door and immediately went to the bathroom. She washed her face, brushed her teeth and sprayed some breath freshener…Florence looked at herself in the mirror. Her cheeks were flushed, the light in her eyes incited; she looked shy and expectant. She was waiting for him.