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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 665: Inappropriately Stopped

Florence heard his deep voice from the outside, which sounded quite unhappy. “Florence, I won’t swallow you alive. Are you sure you don’t need my help?” She didn’t believe him at all. For such kind of thing, Ernest had experienced it, so Florence wouldn’t be sure if his mind and his words were on the same page. Florence answered determinedly, “No, thank you!” After finishing her words, she walked inside the bathroom and started to run the water. The sound of the running water was heard. Ernest stood at the door, heaving a helpless sigh. Then he turned away. Sitting on the edge of the bathtub, Florence finally breathed a sigh of relief. Her face was full of tangled disappointment. When Ernest was busy, she was expecting him to come back. However, when he came back, she was hiding from him as if a rat was hiding from a cat. Why couldn’t he stop bullying her? Florence was so depressed. Although she had a complicated feeling, she still bathed quickly and walked out of the bathroom. She still longed for staying with Ernest. When she walked out of the bathroom, Florence found that Ernest was sitting on the sofa. With a tablet in his hands, his fingers slid on the screen, seemingly he was reading something. When hearing the sound of the door opening, he immediately turned around to look at Florence. With a smile on his face, he said, “Come over. ” As he spoke, he switched off the tablet and tossed it aside. Florence walked to him obediently. She took a look at the tablet and said, “It’s alright. You can keep on working. ” “You are here with me. I don’t want to do anything else. ” Ernest reached out and pulled Florence into his arms. She happened to sit on his lap. She was overwhelmed by the man’s scent. Florence nestled in the familiar arms, and her heart couldn’t help hammering. She looked at him with her twinkled eyes with an unconcealed smile. As long as she was with him, she couldn’t help feeling delighted. With Florence in his arms, Ernest looked at her up and down. He asked, “Are you truly getting better? Do you feel any pain?” Florence shook her head. “I’m truly fine now. ” As she spoke, she blushed. After all, she didn’t feel comfortable because she had overdone that kind of thing with him. “Ehn,” Ernest hummed in a low voice. His voice sounded quite meaningful. Florence looked at him in confusion. For some reason, she felt quite uneasy. She swallowed and asked, “Have you had dinner? Are you quite busy today?” “Yes, I had,” answered Ernest. Then he pointed at the table in front. “Would you like to eat some?” Florence followed his finger

She clung to the sofa tightly with a blushed face. “What. what are you doing?” Ernest curled up his lips into an aggressive smile

. He said in an ambiguous, deep, and seductive tone, “You’ve finished eating. It’s my turn to eat now. ” Florence wondered what he was going to eat. Before she reacted, the man’s thin lips were pressed on her. She was burned by the hot kiss immediately. His lips and tongue attached her aggressively. Like a bandit, he snatched all the sweetness in her mouth. Florence was sitting there in a daze. Her mind kept changing between messy and blank. Her body was tightened. It wasn’t until then did she realize what Ernest would eat. It was she!“So sweet,” Ernest muttered, kissing her more widely. His tall and strong figure gradually pressed her petite body. Florence was stiff and hot as if she had lost control of her own body. In her mind, suddenly she understood Ernest’s words that she didn’t understand earlier. He asked her to eat more sago soup so that her mouth would become sweet -- then he would eat her. What a hateful man!However, she could never resist him. Florence’s mind was blank and her body was softened. She melted in Ernest’s embrace. Unconsciously, she was carried onto the bed. Her petite body sank into the mattress immediately. Her pajamas were gone as well. The tall and strong man pressed her into his shadow while looking into her eyes. Everything was on the edge. Florence felt even all the pores of her body were hot as if they were burning. Her reason was completely gone. Ernest breathed heavily, his eyes full of the fire of destruction. He pecked on her and asked in an extremely hoarse tone, “Florence, give it to me, OK?”Florence’s reason was nearly gone. She couldn’t resist him at all. At this moment, she would do whatever he asked. With a blushed face, she gritted her teeth. Her eyes were twinkling but she didn’t speak. Her acquiescence meant a positive answer. Ernest pecked on her lips. His fingers moved down. “Hiss. ”He heard Florence’s gentle moan. Ernest stopped his movements immediately