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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 598: Infertility

His gaze fell on Ernest’s left arm, where a stream of blood was running down the sleeve of his white shirt. He snorted coldly, “So, in order to stay here longer, you kept injuring yourself on purpose?” Ernest looked down at the back of his hand, but he looked unconcerned about his wounds. He took out a handkerchief from his pocket and casually wiped the blood on his arm. He said coldly, “This small wound will heal faster than the others even if it tears for another ten times. ” Hence, this wound wouldn’t delay the time for the other wounds to heal. In addition, he didn’t intentionally injure himself in order to slow down the recovery speed. Stanford’s face became gloomier than before. An unpleasant look appeared on his face. He snorted coldly and moved his eyes away from Ernest. The actual fact was Ernest sincerely hoped that Florence could sleep more comfortably in bed so he didn’t mind to tear his wound. Hence, Ernest really did not injure himself on purpose. His behavior vividly showed how he cared for Florence. However, this little thing was not enough to change Stanford’s mind. Stanford looked at Ernest and said, “I know what you sent someone to do, but you don’t need do so. I will find Phoebe, so you don’t need to intervene in this matter. ” Not surprisingly, Ernest did not agree with what Stanford said. He said, “Many hands make light work, so we can find her faster. ” After a pause, Ernest continued, “Also, I’m looking for Phoebe because I’m doing it for Florence. ” Phoebe was Florence’s best friend. If anything happened to Phoebe, Florence would be devastated. Furthermore, this matter was related to Florence, so she would blame herself and felt guilty about it. He didn’t want Florence to have these burdens in her heart. Stanford was taken aback when he heard this. He was slightly surprised that Ernest did everything for the sake of Florence and prioritized her no matter what. Florence was the same. She was willing to give everything for the sake of Ernest. However, Stanford couldn’t understand this kind of feeling between them. Stanford looked at Ernest deeply. He hesitated for a moment and said in a low voice, “Ernest, in fact, you don’t have to do so much at all. With your credit for saving Florence, the Fraser family will unconditionally support you to become the head of the Turner family. Moreover, we will allow you to marry a woman from the Fraser family

You will let her have nothing in life and suffer loneliness in her old age. ” Ernest’s face was somewhat gloomy, and his gaze was dark as he looked at Stanford. “What makes you so sure that I am destined to have no children in my life?” Stanford’s face changed suddenly and he immediately realized something

. He asked eagerly, “What do you mean?” “I did drink the medicine, but it is unknown that how many percent of effects had been exerted into my body. We’ll wait for the verification results of Collin to come out. Till then we’ll know whether I still can have children or not. ” Ernest explained in a low voice. As he spoke, his hands were casually inserted into his trouser pockets. They were clenched into fists, revealing his nervousness about this matter. Stanford looked at Ernest with a complicated expression. Stanford hadn’t known that there was this matter. He didn’t know that the medicine Ernest drank didn’t have a hundred percent effect in his body. This gave the originally deadlocked situation a hint of hope. But there was also 80% of possibility that he would be infertile, Stanford stared sharply at Ernest and asked, “If the result of the verification is that you will be infertile for the rest of your life, what will you do? Be with Florence so that she can’t have a child, or leave her?” It was a sharp question, which hit his soul directly. Even Ernest had never thought about this kind of hypothetical question. He never wanted to leave Florence. But if he would be infertile for the rest of his life, was he going to drag Florence to bear this suffering together with him?Ernest’s brows were tightly knitted together and his gaze was very deep. His voice was very hoarse and he said word by word, “I will tell you the answer once the results are out. ”After saying that with a sullen face, he walked towards the study with big steps. Stanford stood on there, looking at Ernest with a cold, deep and dangerous gaze. When Florence woke up, she opened her eyes and saw the familiar ceilings. She quickly realized that this was the room where Ernest slept!But didn’t she stay with Ernest in the study last night?How did she come to the bedroom?Where was Ernest?Florence had a lot of things in her mind. She no longer felt drowsy. She stretched out her hand to lift the quilt and was about to sit up. As soon as she moved, she unexpectedly felt something pressed against her body. It was warm and felt like an arm. She froze for a sec, turned her head to see, and she was surprised to see that there was an extremely handsome face right beside her. It was Ernest. He seemed to have just woken up. His eyes still looked a little sleepy and blurred. He stared straight at her