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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 630: Infertility

As if he knew what Benjamin was confused about, the gray-haired elder said, “You are the heir trained by me. ” He implied that he had better means than Benjamin and knew everything about Benjamin. Benjamin realized it, a trace of ruthlessness flashing through his eyes. He hated the feeling that he was controlled and manipulated by others. However, the gray-haired elder was still his biggest helper and supporter, so Benjamin decided to tolerate him. Although he was unhappy, Benjamin didn’t complain. He directly dialed the number. When the call was connected and the person on the other end of the line knew it was Benjamin, the person was overjoyed. Benjamin ordered, “Get all our men together, asking them to stand by. Send a few trusted men over to me. I have some tasks to assign to you. ” “Mr. Turner, others can go over right now but I can’t,” the person answered. Benjamin creased his eyebrows, “Why?” “It’s about Clarence Jenkins. He tried to commit suicide and almost died. ” “You can’t let him die definitely!” Benjamin immediately roared, looking extremely annoyed. Clarence was his trump card right now. The person said, “I’m trying my best to stop him, but his desire to die was quite fierce, so I probably need to stay and keep an eye on him. ” When reporting the situation, the man’s voice was so hoarse and exhausted. Obviously, he had been tortured for several days. At such a critical moment, when dealing with a man who demanded to die, it would be quite easy for the enemy to find their flaws. Benjamin sill felt quite uneasy. After a hesitation, he said, “I’ll go there right now. ” With a frown, the gray-haired elder said, “Your health condition is pretty bad now. You can go for a long distant trip. ” “Clarence Jenkins can’t die. I won’t rest assured unless I’ll be there. Besides, it’s not far away from here. Ernest and others could never figure out that I’ve hidden Clarence Jenkins with me, the most dangerous place. ” The gray-haired elder was surprised, “Is he nearby? Stanford Fraser and his men must have searched around. Why couldn’t they find him?” With gloomy eyes, Benjamin looked complacent. “It’s because my base is in the underground. ” Although the Frasers had searched through on the ground, they couldn’t find Clarence underground at all. Upon hearing it, the gray-haired elder looked a bit confused. He asked, “Is your base secure enough? Now you’ve escaped. They’ll find it less in an hour. The Frasers will send out their men searching for you everywhere. They would spend much more effort than they did when searching for Clarence Jenkins

She felt hundreds of times more nervous than she was when waiting for the exam results of the college entrance exam. As long as Collin uttered a few words and informed them of the result, it would decide Ernest’s whole life. Sensing how nervous Florence was, Ernest pressed his thin lips and gripped her hand in return

. “It’s alright, Florence,” he comforted her in a low and magnetic voice, quite pleasant to hear. However, his other hand that was clenched tightly also exposed his real feeling now. Collin looked around and ensured that all people had arrived and no one else would suddenly break in to interrupt him again. Then he slowly announced, “Although the drug didn’t fully take effect, its effect was quite fierce, so it has completely ruined Ernest’s birth ability. ”His words were like throwing an a-bomb into a peaceful lake. Instantly, an uproar arose in the hall. Several elders couldn’t help but stand up, looking at Ernest with concerns. “How could it be? What a pity!”Ernest was sitting there stiffly. His eyes became darkened as if there was no single light in them. He felt cold all over. Ernest subconsciously tightened his grip on Florence’s hand. Instantly, Florence felt the sharp pain between her fingers. However, comparing to this pain, she felt the pang in her heart that seemed to soak her into the icy water. All her hope and imagination had been broken now just like bubbles. How could Ernest truly have lost his birth ability?In his life, he could never become a father. For such an excellent and perfect man like him, he would have such regret in his life. Florence wondered how sad he must be now. It was caused by her. Florence felt so upset as if her chest was pressed by a heavy stone. It was so heavy that almost her heart was rolled into pieces. However, Florence had also expected such a result although she always had hope. After being upset for a short time, she quickly came back to her senses. She wanted to comfort Ernest, making him less upset. When she was about to speak, the gray-haired elder sitting opposite suddenly burst into laughter without caring about anything. In such a depressed and sad atmosphere, his laughter was way too abrupt, quite harsh to the ears. He said with an ironic smile, “Ernest Hawkins, you truly have infertility now. You tried your best effort to come back but you are defeated by your health condition. In your life, you are destined not to become the master of the Turner family. You can only accept the punishment and lead a life of the disabled. ”In this case, Benjamin could be rescued completely. Being overjoyed, Aldrich didn’t think reasonably - earlier, he heard that Stanford and Collin would lie for Ernest’s good. However, Collin didn’t lie. Aldrich didn’t even think about the reason behind it.