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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 498: Injured

After some hesitation, Ernest stopped avoiding, but turned his hands around and held Benjamin’s arms. Frowning he scolded, “Mr. Turner, what do you mean by this?” “I’m just toasting to you. ” Benjamin carried a gentlemanly smile on his face, but the strength in his hands didn’t spare Ernest. He turned his hands and held Ernest’s arm. They twisted and turned, it was a sharp attack. Ernest narrowed his eyes, this type of attack to him was simply peanuts. Just that… He suddenly withdrew his sharp attack and relaxed his defense. Following that, he heard a crisp cracking sound from his arm. The sound was as sharp as thunder. His arm had broken! Benjamin’s action stopped immediately, he looked unbelievingly at the man in front of him. How could it be, he had not resisted? Florence’s face changed, she felt a sharp pain in her heart. She stood up immediately, and gave Benjamin a push, “What are you doing?! You bastard!” She turned around with heartache and quickly held Ernest’s arms. Her eyes were red, and she was choking back her tears, she was immensely worried, “How are you feeling?” Ernest’s face paled, he shook his head, “I’m alright, just a slight twist. ” “I already heard a cracking sound, what do you mean just a twist?! Why are you still trying to be brave!” Florence yelled angrily, tears welling up in her eyes, almost falling out. That sound was crisp and clear, he had his bones crushed, that must have hurt so much! How could Benjamin even lay such a heavy hand on him! “I’ll bring you to Collin!” Florence held Ernest, hurriedly trying to pull him away. Benjamin stood by the side, in his eyes were a sinister look, but his expression was one of guilt. He said, “I didn’t mean it, quickly go to Collin, he is a God-like doctor, he can heal you very quickly. ” Florence’s heart froze. Why did Benjamin’s words sound so odd? It might be that he had intentionally wanted Collin to check on Ernest’s injuries! Yes, even though Ernest had used Clarence’s face, and that was flawless, but they were two different people, their bone structure and body composition were completely different. What kind of person was Collin? Previously when he was checking Clarence’s face and bones, he could have already understood his whole body structure. Ernest’s and Clarence’s body composition were different. Ernest had learned martial arts before, so his body was strong and fit. Collin would be able to differentiate immediately between the body of a scholar and a general

Following that, she said to Stanford, “Stanford I don’t want to see him anymore, chase him away, send him away from the family. ” Stanford frowned, Benjamin was indeed in the wrong for this incident, but to chase him out of the house…“Stanford, I don’t care, if you don’t chase him away, I don’t want to see you anymore. ”Florence huffed angrily, she turned and pulled Ernest to leave

. Stanford frowned, wanting to catch up with her, “Flory, listen to me…”“Don’t follow me, I don’t want to see you. ”Florence said stubbornly, her face as though very angry, and it was flushed red. Stanford stopped in his tracks, feeling a headache. “Flory, don’t worry, I will handle this matter. ”Looking at Stanford’s expression, Florence felt a tinge of guilt, she couldn’t bear it. She was just finding an excuse to make things difficult for Stanford so that he wouldn’t follow her to see Collin. If not, if Collin was following along and seeing to everything, she didn’t even have time to come up with a plan on the way there. Florence couldn’t bear to see him like that, so she gritted her teeth, and brought Ernest away quickly. Ernest’s injuries couldn’t be delayed any longer. After walking for a while, Florence was thinking of discussing what to do with Ernest. At this moment, a sightseeing car stopped in front of them. The driver said respectfully, “Miss, Master got me to send you guys to Mr. Collin’s. ”Florence, “…”She had just managed to escape Stanford, now here’s another driver. Weren’t they now being forced to go to Collin?Florence hesitated and struggled. Ernest looked at her, and his other hand ruffled her hair. “You don’t have to be like this, let’s go see Collin. ”“But you…”If they were in front of Collin, everything would be exposed. Ernest smiled, “It probably won’t be that bad. ”Not that bad, could there be another turnaround?