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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 695: Invitation

Bonnie stared at Ernest without a blink. Earlier, she had been admitting that Ernest was way too handsome. Right then, she had to admit that he could be so extremely handsome. When the man spoke out those words that she had no guts to think about in a domineering manner, her heart hammered. Suddenly, she realized that a woman could be doted and loved by a man. It turned out that a woman had such a way to live that was completely different from theirs. Florence turned to look at Ernest, feeling warm and happy in her heart. No matter in what relationship and situation, he always defended her and protected her. After shocking for a short while, Andrew reacted first. He quickly put away his emotion. With a smile, he said, “Mr. Hawkins, I can’t agree with you more. My wife isn’t sensible. Please don’t mind her. I’ll teach her a lesson later. ” As he spoke, he turned to look at his wife. The smile on his face turned to a wave of fierce anger. Then he scolded her, “Have you heard it? Ms. Fraser isn’t from our country. She’s a guest, just arriving. She doesn’t need to do things according to your rules. “From now on, you must treat her as the most superior guest. If I found you yell at Ms. Fraser or do anything harmful to her, I would punish you even if Mr. Hawkins wouldn’t. ” The woman gaped at Andrew, her face trembling violently. She had never expected that her husband, the master of the family, would defend Florence as well. Florence was obviously a woman. The woman wondered what right Florence had to deserve such an honorable treatment as a man. She felt quite unhappy, but being snapped, she lowered her head as usual and didn’t dare to utter any word. The idea in her bone forbade her to disobey her husband. Seeing that the woman was obedient, Andrew felt a bit relieved. Although Ernest was a guest in his house, Andrew had been abroad before, so he knew it was a huge world outside his country. Ernest could come to Raflad, which meant he must have an extremely strong background and power. Even the legendary family where Florence was from, if they would have the intention, they could ruin the whole Raflad. Andrew didn’t want to offend Ernest at all. Hence, he decided to fully help Ernest after he woke up. On one hand, he did it to return Collin’s favor. On the other hand, he was fearful. “Ms. Fraser, my wife isn’t sensible so she has done things to offend you. Please don’t take it to your heart for my sake,” Andrew looked at Florence with a friendly smile and apologized to her sincerely. Watching the noble Andrew apologize to Florence, the woman felt as if she got a strike by the lightning. Her face changed between livid and pale from time to time

He almost thought that he had entered the wrong house. However, his professionalism made him return to normal after he was shocked for less than one second. Seeing the men coming in, Andrew immediately stood up

. With a smile, he greeted the man in the lead, “Hi, Mr. Carlton. What has brought you down here? Mr. Hawkins is having lunch now. ”“Of course there’s good news. ”With a meaningful smile, Alton Carlton, her Highness’ butler, directly walked to Ernest and bowed at him respectfully. He said, “Mr. Hawkins, how are you? Please get prepared. The princess wants to see you. ”Florence was slightly taken aback by hearing the princess. She felt a bit upset about it. Ernest’s face was slightly darkened. Pressing his lips, he didn’t speak. Andrew asked tentatively, “Excuse me, Mr. Why does the princess want to see Mr. Hawkins?”“What else could be the reason? Of course for the matter that you guys wished,” answered Alton. Then he urged Ernest, “Mr. Hawkins, the princess is still waiting for you. Please follow me. ”Upon hearing it, Andrew looked delighted. He echoed, “Mr. Hawkins, please go ahead with Mr. Carlton. ”His tone was quite normal, but Florence sensed that he was reminding Ernest about something. She looked over at Ernest, whose handsome face was expressionless. It seemed that he didn’t feel excited to meet the princess. Florence slightly frowned, lost in thought. After a moment of silence, Ernest nodded, “Wait for a moment. I’ll go with you right away. ”Alton misunderstood that Ernest wanted to finish lunch here. With a smile, he said, “Mr. Hawkins, you don’t need to eat here. The princess has prepared exotic food from mountains and seas. She’d like to have lunch with you. ”Florence was startled, becoming quite alert. If the princess wanted to see Ernest for business, it was fine. However, she had prepared exotic food from mountains and seas, which was to please Ernest. Florence wondered if the princess had any other purposes. Looking at Ernest’s handsome face that could take any woman’s breath away, Florence suddenly felt extremely uneasy