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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 317: Is Even More Careful Than the Time When She Is Embroidering

Even if she was sincere, but in such a situation, not only that nobody would believe her after she said it, but she might also be despised and detested. It seemed that Ernest had not forgiven her now yet. It was also possible that he would reject her. If she said it, it was likely that he would directly drive her away. After all, this situation was not suitable for her to say it. She also slightly seemed insincere if she said it. Florence was very depressed and was even more annoyed with Gemma. She turned her head, “It’s none of your business regarding what am I going to say. ” Florence’s poor attitude made Gemma’s face look more and more embarrassed. She looked at Ernest with teary eyes, “Ernest, look at her. This is how fierce and rude she is when she treats me usually. She is even more heartless and ruthless to you, she is just making use of you. ” Florence really wanted to strangle Gemma to death. The situation was already like this but she still kept slandering her. Her image in Ernest’s view was already not so good, what if it became worse due to Gemma’s defamation? While Florence was being vexed, Ernest’s hand, however, gently held her small hand. He looked at Gemma coldly and his tone was cold and piercing. “It isn’t your right to say anything about the relationship between Florence and I. Gemma, I’ll thoroughly investigate the car accident. You have to bear the consequences of what you’ve done. ” His single sentence was like a death sentence. Gemma’s face instantly turned as white as a sheet. Her body was so weak that she could not stand properly. She totally could not bear the consequences of the matter after the investigation was done. Her expression looked as if she could not hold back herself anymore. Her trembling voice choked with sobs, “Ernest, I’ve been together with you for so many years, you still don’t believe me?” Gemma’s voice only made Ernest feel noisy. He frowned impatiently and waved his hand. Timothy, who was outside the door, immediately walked in and said coldly, “Miss Marlon, Sir needs to rest, please go out. ” Gemma was panicked and reluctant. She shook her head repeatedly and tried to walk towards Ernest. “I won’t leave, Ernest, believe me. Listen to my explanation, okay?” “Miss Marlon, please leave. ” Timothy’s tone was slightly accentuated. Simultaneously, he stretched out his hand and grabbed Gemma. He forcibly pulled her out. Timothy was professionally trained. He was not only skilful but also strong

He even thought of a variety of possibilities at that instant. Perhaps she was waiting for him to be discharged and she wanted to tell him that she regretted it as she could not be without him. Or perhaps she was waiting for him to be discharged and she would tell him that the reason that she took care of him these few days and was even somewhat intimate was only because of guilt

. It was just to pay off the debt. ‘Knock, knock, knock’. In the ambiguous atmosphere, the knocks of the door sounded. Florence regained her presence of mind and turned away her eyes with a flushed face, “Come in. ”Timothy, who had sent Gemma away, walked in again. He was carrying a breakfast bag and he looked as if he was in a dilemma. “Sir, the one that Ms. Fraser carried just now is yours and it isn’t possible to eat it now. I only have one set of breakfast here, should I give it to Ms. Fraser first or should I wait until I ask someone to remake two sets and send them over together?”Hearing this, Florence then remembered that she had boldly thrown away the breakfast earlier. She turned her eyes and saw the porridge that had been poured on the floor. She was very embarrassed, “My set of breakfast is not much different from Ernest’s, let Ernest eat first. ”Timothy immediately sent the breakfast over and handed it to Florence. He hastily reminded. “Well, Sir doesn’t eat peanuts. ”On the top of this bowl of porridge, there were many crumbs of crushed peanuts. Florence did not think of this. She opened it to take a look. It was true that there were many crumbs of peanuts on the top. Looking at Florence’s dumbfounded look, Ernest pursed his lips and said, “You eat first, I’ll eat later. ”Whether or not there were crumbs of peanuts, he would always let her eat first. While looking at this bowl of porridge, Florence was a bit torn. She was of secondary importance but Ernest was a patient and he could not be hungry. He must eat. After being disturbed by Gemma just now, it was almost eleven o'clock now. If it was continued to be delayed, they did not need to have breakfast and could directly have lunch. But then, Ernest would definitely feel hungry. If he was so hungry that it caused his body to have any discomfort, she would have greatly sinned. After hesitating for a while, Florence stood up and went to the kitchen to take a small bowl and a spoon. “I’ll pick out the crumbs of peanuts on the top so that you can eat. ”As Florence said, she started to scoop away any peanuts that were there. She did it with a serious face and was even more careful than the time when she was embroidering.