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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 538: Is It Worthy

In the dark, there must be eyes witnessing what had happened at the entrance. The spy must have reported the latest situation to Benjamin. Ernest didn’t deny it. He nodded and said, “Yes. “Benjamin Turner kidnapped Clarence because he wanted to kill two birds with one stone. Then he lured me here to find Florence to expose me. Hence, I just followed his plan and let him succeed with his plan. ” Benjamin planned very well. He used Florence’s cell phone to chat with Ernest. While comforting Ernest, he also let Ernest know that Florence wanted him to come back. On the first night when Ernest received Florence’s message, he became suspicious. He knew Florence too well. Even he only got an emotionless text message from her, he could tell the message wasn’t typed by her. He purposely didn’t expose it, pretending as if he was deceived. Right in that evening, he started looking into the matter and searching for Florence. Last night, he also followed Benjamin’s plan, so he had agreed to come back to meet “Florence”. Hence, he showed up at the entrance of the Fraser family’s villa aboveboard, making Stanford catch him. Naturally, Stanford could catch Ernest so easily because the latter had contacted “Clarence” for switching identities. Of course, “Clarence” sounded quite pleased to agree with him. He also suggested waiting for him in the yard. Without Clarence in the yard, the bodyguards of the Fraser family were await. Everything was under Benjamin’s control. However, he didn’t know that Ernest had seen it through and been following his plan. As a smart man, Stanford immediately understood what Ernest meant and planned. “But. ” Stanford frowned. “Even if we made Benjamin Turner think that his plan is well carried on, he might only relax his vigilance at the most. It’s quite difficult for us to locate him. ” Before they could find their location, only God would know what kind of horrible experience that Florence would face. At the thought of it, Stanford wished that he could kill Benjamin. How bold he was! How dared he kidnap Florence! Even this time the Turner family would back Benjamin up, Stanford would definitely kill him. Ernest said, “We don’t have much time to look for Benjamin Turner. ” The purpose that Benjamin had kidnapped Florence was quite obvious -- he wanted to threaten Florence to marry him. Then he would obtain the successor’s position of the Turner family

He would be punished for sure. Even his position as the successor would be lost because of this. Stanford had to admit that Ernest hadn’t considered his own safety and loss and gains to carry out the plan for Florence this time

. He had never expected that Ernest could do this much and was slightly touched. He asked in a deep voice, “Even if Benjamin Turner has married Florence and got the qualification to inherit the Turner family, as long as you don’t make any mistake, you still could compete with him upon your capabilities. “Now for Flory, you’ve exposed your identity. In other words, you’ve completely lost the qualification and possibility to be the successor of the Turner family. ”While analyzing, Stanford stared at Ernest sharply. “Is it worth?”The Turner family was a powerful family on top of the world. They had countless wealth and power, and the family’s master was envied, convinced, and respected by countless people in the world. After becoming the master of the Turner family, it meant that he would become one of the people that could make decisions to influence the world. He could be the king of the world. It was quite understandable if Ernest would compete for this position through all possible means. However, much to Stanford’s surprise, Ernest had given up everything for Florence. In Stanford’s opinion, Ernest had chased after Florence to the Fraser family’s territory because of Theodore’s order. As long as he could marry Florence, he could be qualified to inherit the Turner family. That was what Stanford and the Fraser family truly believed. Hence, Florence was supposed to be a tool and a stepping-stone in Ernest’s hearts, wasn’t she?“Yes, it is,” Ernest answered naturally without any hesitation. His eyes were darkened and determined. For him, no matter how wealthy and powerful the Turner family was, it couldn’t be comparable to Florence at all. When he decided to go back to the Turner family, he did it just for Florence. Stanford was confused. He looked at Ernest in surprise, gazing at him up and down sharply as if he wanted to look through Ernest and into his soul. Then he could ensure if Ernest’s words were true and if there were any other evil intentions. However, what Stanford had seen were just his determination and true love for Florence. Stanford couldn’t believe it. He frowned. He still didn’t believe that Ernest would have treasured Florence so much. He wondered if Ernest was still planning on something else. Pressing his thin lips, Ernest said, “I don’t care what you’re thinking about me or if you believe me. This time, we both must cooperate so that Florence can be rescued. After we’ve saved her, you can do whatever you like to me. ”