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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 437: It Is All Past

Stanford was about to refuse, but at this moment, Phoebe suddenly grabbed his sleeve and shook it. Her faltering expressions were just like a coy pet kitten. “Stanford, I want to eat strawberry cake. Where can I get that? Will you take me there?” The guest wanted to eat it. Could he, the host, say no? His refusal got stuck in his throat. Why was Phoebe so familiar with him since she came? He frowned, looking in the direction of Florence who was leaving, and nodded after some hesitation. “Over there. Let me take you. ” Saying that, Stanford strode forward leading the way. Anyway, it was only going to take a few minutes to find the cake. However, what Stanford didn’t expect was that after finding the strawberry cake he would also have to look for salad, egg tarts, juice… It was the first time that he had seen a girl who ate so well. Florence was led by Clarence to the place where snacks were arranged. Everyone came to the banquet wearing masks and they mostly only drank champagne and red wine and didn’t eat much. No one was coming here. Florence looked at Clarence suspiciously, “Why did you bring me here? Are you hungry?” Clarence pursed his thin lips and did not speak. He swept his eyes around the dining table, picked up a plate and put some spaghetti on it. Then he handed the plate to Florence, “Eat it. ” His imperative tone didn’t leave any room for her to refuse. Florence looked astonished. What was he asking her to eat spaghetti at the banquet for? Not to mention the question of if she even liked it but eating pasta at the banquet like this was a bit unsightly and ungraceful. She was a lady of a famous family anyway and she wanted to keep her image of a lady in front of him. “I am not hungry right now. ” Florence shook her head. Clarence narrowed his eyes and he looked Florence up and down. His voice turned a little displeased. “Have you had dinner?” Florence shook her head again. This was originally a dinner party, and she could have eaten after coming here. However, she had no appetite and didn’t plan to eat. Besides, wearing this body-hugging evening dress, her belly would bulge after eating and it would not be pretty. Clarence’s face became even more displeased, “You have lost a lot of weight. ” “Huh?” Florence looked at him blankly. She felt like her heart had been stabbed by something

Turner, why were you looking for me? Is there something to say between us?”Her alienated attitude didn’t save him any honor. Benjamin’s face changed slightly, but it seemed that he was already accustomed to being ravaged by Florence during this time. It almost took a moment before he balanced his emotions and mood

. He smiled, raised his wine glass and leaned towards Clarence and drank a toast. “Flory, who is this? Why don’t you introduce me?”The way he spoke still carried an air of thinking he was Florence’s fiancé. Florence frowned unwillingly and looked at Clarence worrying that he might misunderstood her. Clarence didn’t seem to care. He picked up a glass of wine and swayed it in his hand. He smiled and said, “I have heard a lot of things about you, Mr. Turner. Meeting you in person really can’t compare to your reputation. I am Clarence. Nice to meet you. ”Saying that he raised his glass in a toast with Benjamin. The wine glasses clinked and the clear sound made Benjamin’s face change color after color. What did he mean by meeting him in person not being able to compare to his reputation? This man insulted him to his face but still looked polite. Seeing Benjamin deflate embarrassedly, Florence couldn’t help but raise the corners of her mouth in a slight smile. Outwardly kind but inwardly evil, Clarence choked Benjamin painfully with just a few words. Benjamin gritted his teeth inwardly, maintaining an elegant smile on his face. He looked at Florence and said, “Mr. Jenkins, do you know me? That must be through you, Florence. After all, we have been engaged since childhood. ”In just one word, the relationship between him and Florence became as the relationship between an engaged couple. Florence’s mouth twitched slightly. Benjamin became even more annoying to her. She didn’t want Clarence to misunderstand anything. She immediately moved towards Clarence, looked at him and explained very seriously, “We don’t have such a relationship…”“I know. ”Clarence spoke faintly, his lips arced in a teasing smile. He shook the wine glass in his hand and said playfully, “As far as I know, the Fraser family proposed to cancel the marriage with the Turner family some time ago, right? Even if you and Florence were betrothed as children, it is all in the past. ”He deliberately put emphasis on the word ‘past’ with a mocking sneer