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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 560: It Turns Out to Be Him!

“Freeze! Get her!” The maid hurriedly yelled after returning to her senses. Tossing the dishes in the tray, she chased Florence. Florence was running at the highest speed of her life. She believed as long as she could run out, she could escape from here. While running, she also saw what was outside her room. In the corridor, several doors were leading to different rooms. Each door was closed. She wondered what was locked up inside. Was there any human who was locked up just like her? Florence thought about it and her heart skipped a beat suddenly. She wondered if Ernest was also locked up in one of the rooms. At the thought of it, she slowed down. The next second, she rushed to a door of a room and twisted the doorknob to open. “Bang!” When she pushed the door open, she acted fast and fiercely. The door bumped onto the wall directly. A man inside was shocked. His hand trembled and the scissors in his hand stabbed directly into the white bandages. Seeing that, Florence was startled, feeling a bit guilty. “Sorry. ” When she was about to apologize, she saw the man in the wheelchair with his face bandaged turn around. She gaped. His whole head was a bandage. It seemed that he was about to change the dressing. She saw his bald head and forehead that were full of burn scars. She could tell that the scars were quite new, and some of them hadn’t completed scared. With the black and rotten flesh, he looked ferocious and horrible. Florence cast a glance and felt sickened. She almost vomited. How could he be burned so miserably? He was still alive. That was truly a miracle. “Excuse us, Young Master. We were off-guard and she ran out!” The four maids followed Florence in and blocked her way behind. At this moment, their eyes were full of panic and fear, keeping making apologies to the man who got burned. Florence stiffed

” Florence gaped at the man who was wrapped by the bandage all over as if she was gaping at a devil. Before the incident happened, he had foreseen all the possibilities and come out with all the resolutions for each of them. Hence, he could take her away from the sea before Stanford could

. Then he locked her up here as the bargaining chip. Florence felt so cold all over her. She questioned, “Have you also locked up Ernest?”Her tone was quite affirmative. However, inwardly, she was quite easy and expectant. Only God knew how much she hoped that Benjamin would admit that he had locked up Ernest. At least, it meant that Ernest was still alive. Besides, if the impact force of the sea could bump the bomb away, Ernest should have thrown it away as well. Florence didn’t think he had been injured by the explosion. “I didn’t find his body. ”Benjamin’s answer was quite indifferent. “Even the impact force of the sea could bump the bomb away from you, it was too close for you to survive. Hence, there must be someone to take away the bomb from you. ”Florence was startled. When they fell into the water, she had felt that Ernest pushed her away. Benjamin’s voice was full of delightful amusement. “As you could see, Ernest Hawkins had been blown into pieces in the explosion because he was holding the bomb. “That’s why my men still haven’t found his body so far. ”Upon hearing it, Florence couldn’t help trembling. With reddish eyes, she glared at Benjamin and excitedly yelled, “No! Impossible! You lied to me! You are lying!”She didn’t believe it at all. Since Ernest could have a way to rescue her, he must have a way to save himself. He was so strong and skilled in fighting. He should have been able to toss away the bomb. Florence was certain. They couldn’t find him because he was impacted too heavily, much heavier than she was, so he might be far away from her. Probably Ernest had floated too far away and Benjamin’s men only searched the nearby sea area, so they couldn’t find him. “I don’t care if you believe or not, but I believe you should know this thing. ”With an evil smile, Benjamin stiffly reached out his fingers, which were wrapped by the bandage, to a tray next to him. Then he lifted the white cloth covered. A thing was exposed. As soon as Florence saw it, she felt as if she had dropped into an icy abyss