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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 189: It Turns out You Care About Me

“Okay. Let’s go in the hall together. ” Cooper looked at Florence tenderly, bending his arm like a gentleman. Florence was a bit stunned when looking at his arm. She seldom attended banquets. In the previous few times when she attended such occasions, she was arm-in-arm with Ernest. However, she was with another man tonight. She guessed this should be the days when everything went back on the normal track. Now she just accepted it ahead of time. Somehow, she felt a bit depressed. Florence gritted her teeth to endure. Reaching out, she put her hand on Cooper’s arm. When they were about to move in, Florence looked up and saw Ernest in surprise. He walked among the crowd, towards her step by step. He was one meter and ninety tall, outstanding among all people in the hall. His gaze was as deep as the strongest fire, and he glinted at her. Florence was taken aback suddenly. Looking at him, she couldn’t help but slow down her breath. Then he walked to her and stood face-to-face with her. His gaze swept between the arms of Florence and Cooper dangerously. The atmosphere around him became lower. In a hoarse voice, he said, “Florence, come over. ” Florence gaped. She had never expected that Ernest would come to her. For a moment, she didn’t know how to react. Looking up again, she saw Gemma walking over from not far away. Wearing the red dress, she looked quite charming. All the attendees knew that she was Ernest’s date tonight. Florence doubted who she herself was to Ernest, then. Suppressing the uncomfortable feelings in her heart, Florence shook her head. Ernest looked more annoyed. The dangerous aura was diffused, making people around so timid and afraid. Cooper frowned slightly. He walked up and hid Florence behind his tall and strong body. He said in a clean voice, neither humble nor pushy, “Mr. Hawkins, Florence is my date tonight. Please don’t trouble her. ” “Your date?” Ernest raised his voice, full of disdain. “Mr. Scott, Florence is my fiancee. Do you want to compete with me for her?” Florence heard his words, and her heart skipped a beat. She was in a panic. She had just become Cooper’s date. How come he mentioned such a serious problem as competing with him. Since he upgraded the incident, it was relevant to the dignity of the Hawkins family. And Ernest, whose dignity was threatened, must revenge Cooper in the next steps. Florence didn’t want to make it worse

“Come with me to make toast. ” Since she had shown up, he would introduce her to everyone. Right then, Gemma came over

. She stood on the other side of Ernest directly. Although she didn’t speak, she looked as if she followed Ernest over. Both women were wearing a red dress, matching Ernest. Florence wondered if Ernest planned to have two dates at the same time. She frowned, feeling quite irritated. She pushed Ernest farther from her. “I’m not feeling well. I don’t have the mood to accompany you to socialize. ”Ernest frowned. “Are you sick? Why?”Florence had hatred in her head. Without any hesitation, she blurted out, “I’m sickened as soon as I saw you. ”Ernest was speechless. Others all gaped. Florence was way too bold, wasn’t she?She even didn’t pay any attention to her words. She continuously challenged Mr. Hawkins’ rock bottom. The onlookers wondered if she was afraid to be beaten to death. After finishing her words, Florence regretted it a little. When she was about to say something to explain, she was lifted, losing balance. Ernest lifted her and carried her in his arms directly. Florence was in a panic. “Mr. Hawkins, what are you doing?”Under so many gazes, he carried her in his arms. In an instant, they had become the focus. Everyone looked over at them. Florence’s face was so red. She felt quite embarrassed and wished to find a hole to hid in. Ernest ignored others' gazes. Carrying Florence in his arms, he strode towards the banquet hall. All the people in the hall immediately made a way for Ernest. With surprised and envious looks, they watched Ernest carry Florence and leave. Then they thoughtfully glance at Gemma, who was left behind at the spot. Since the banquet started tonight, the only woman who was standing next to Ernest was Gemma. Hence, all of them thought that she was Ernest’s date tonight. However, everyone could tell that since Florence had shown up, Ernest never spared a glance at Gemma, let alone talking to her. Hence, it meant that Gemma was not his date at all. Under all the gazes, Gemma felt so embarrassed that her face became paled and red, feeling extremely ashamed. She had never been so embarrassed in public since her childhood. She was the daughter of the Marlon family, but she couldn’t be as competent as Florence, a daughter from an ordinary family. In Ernest’s heart, Florence was the only existence. Gemma was so jealous. The jealousy almost made her go nuts