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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 524: It Was All Prepared by Ernest

And he ordered proudly. "Answer it, you know what to say, one mistake will cost Clarence's life. " His tone was cold and stern. Florence stunned, her face was as white as a ghost. Her only chance of survival vanished. "Hmmm… Hmmm…! Clarence wanted to say something but Florence couldn't hear him. She looked at him with a hopeless heart but forced out a smile. "It's alright, we will be fine. " Even she herself was not convinced. Losing the chance to seek help from Stanford meaning Clarence and her would completely be controlled by Benjamin. They were both not trained in martial art, so it would be hard to escape. But she had no other choice. Compared to Clarence's life, she would rather give up the chance to escape. Florence looked pale, she then picked up the mobile on the floor. She took a deep breath before answering it. Stanford's anxious voice was heard from the other side, "Flory, why didn't you answer just now? What happened? I'll come right away. " "No, don't come. " Florence said depressedly with her sight locked on the dagger on Clarence's neck. She wanted to shout help to Stanford. But Stanford would not be able to save Clarence even if he saved her. "I… pressed wrongly just now, it was nothing. " "Really?" Stanford doubted. Florence's eyes reddened and suppressed her sobbing voice. "Yes, Stanford, thank you for concerning about me. " Stanford's steps stopped and said gently, "You are my only sister, of course, I love and concern about you. " He paused and continued. "What happened to Clarence and you? What did he do?" Florence glanced at Clarence kneeling on the floor and felt bitter

That was why Stanford believed that it was a confession from Clarence. That was also why Florence thought Ernest was back when she saw everything. Florence stunned, her face couldn't turn any paler

. That fantasy land was prepared by Ernest for her! But was stolen by Benjamin! She started at Benjamin infuriated. "Bastard! Shameless!"He had no shame and no moral standards, he stole everything Ernest had prepared and tricked her into agreeing in marrying him. She clenched her teeth, "Benjamin Turner, even if you have the recording and kidnap me, without my parent's permission and seeing me in one piece, they won't agree on this marriage! No matter how many tricks you played, you won't be able to marry me!" Even if she was forced to go through the ceremony and completed the act, but Stanford and her parents were wise enough to notice something was not right. Without needing Florence to ask, they would come to save her. Benjamin's evil plan could never succeed. Benjamin laughed evilly, he bent down a little, put his hand on Florence's chin and forced her to looked at him. "The recording is for the Turner, I kidnap you so that we could register our marriage, not for the ceremony. "A bomb hit Florence's mind. They would be lawfully wedded husband and wife once registered! Benjamin planned to deceive the Turner with the recording without the Fraser's knowledge. He could get recognition from the Turner with the marriage certificate and her by his side and then take over the Turner family without telling the Fraser!Benjamin would have had more power in hand by then and he could face the Fraser alone even if they realized something in the end. Benjamin risked everything he had in this. Florence's expression changed. "You are insane!""I'm insane because of you. "Benjamin turned vicious out of a sudden and grabbed tightly on Florence's chin. "If you listen and marry me willingly, do I need to do such a thing? I wanted to love and respect you as my beloved wife. But you forced me to take such measure, I've lost a tremendous amount of benefits and will definitely get it back from you in the future. " He could torture her as much as he liked and however he liked after marrying her. He trained her to be an obedient dog. Florence's face turned white, she was scared and nervous, it was her first time seeing the demonic Benjamin, he was like a devil from hell. And wanted to drag her into hell too. Florence endured the pain on her chin and clenched her teeth. "Don't forget about Ernest, he is the first heir in line! Don't you ever dream of owning the Turner with his presence!"And Ernest would surely save her knowing she was kidnapped by him.