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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 536: It Was Ernest Hawkins

“Of course, I know it. I don’t need to explain it to you. ” With a cold look, Stanford approached Clarence step by step. The latter stood upright, gazing at Stanford sharply. “Florence wouldn’t go for a trip with Clarence Jenkins alone. ” He stressed each syllable affirmatively. “I saw that personally. How could it be fake?” Besides, Florence wouldn’t lie to him. Stanford snorted. “Why don’t you take yourself under consideration? You’ve disguised yourself to be Clarence Jenkins. How will you explain it?” Clarence frowned more deeply, wondering how come Stanford had seen it in person. He ignored Stanford’s threatening approach and said in a deep voice, “If you knew who I am, would you still be so certain?” His tone was full of suspicions. His strong self-confidence was also quite influential. Stanford’s heart slightly skipped a beat. He became a bit uncertain. He asked, stressing each syllable, “Who are you?” The man was skillful in fighting with a strong temperament. He was quite calm even his fake identity was exposed and he was trapped. From the beginning to the end, Stanford could tell that the man cared about Florence the most. Stanford kept wondering who he was. Clarence looked around with his darkened eyes. Then, he put his fingers behind his ears. “Since you’ve found it out, it’s alright to tell you who I am. ” As he spoke, he increased the strength of his fingers. “Hiss!” After the light sound, a layer of skin cracked from the back of his ears. Like the magic, after he took off the thin layer of skin, a handsome face that could take others’ breathes away was exposed. It was also a face that Stanford was quite familiar with. “Ernest Hawkins!” Stanford squeezed Ernest’s name between his teeth. He was quite surprised that Ernest had disguised as Clarence, but he knew this happened within his expectation. All the bodyguards surrounding them gaped at Ernest. They had seen one or two advanced disguise techniques in this world, but it was the first time for them to see such thin and flawless skin on Ernest's face. While they were surprised, they were also shocked as Ernest disguised himself to be Clarence by using the disguise technique. They wondered if the rumors spread in the Fraser family about Clarence was Ernest was the truth. Although his real identity was exposed and he was surrounded by so many bodyguards, Ernest still looked quite calm as if he was in his own house. Looking at Stanford, he said calmly, “It’s me. Mr. Fraser, I’m sure you still have a lot of questions for me. Why don’t we go to your dungeon and have a talk?” Stanford stiffed

If not mistaken, Stanford could foresee that Ernest would fail, and he could clasp Ernest’s hands. Stanford frowned, feeling more confused. Obviously, Ernest did it deliberately to let him catch him

. However, he looked forced and helplessly in terms of his imposing manner and expression. Stanford wondered to whom Ernest was playing to show. All the bodyguards here were trustworthy men working for him. It would useless if Ernest was acting to them. Unless there were still other people watching them. At the thought of it, Stanford looked annoyed. He was about to look around with his sharp gaze. Ernest said in the volume that they both could hear, “Stop it. Just take me to the dungeon. ”Stanford’s heart was tightened. He immediately withdrew his gaze and pressed Ernest forcibly. In a cold tone, he ordered, “Keep what happened tonight in secret. After my investigation, I’ll inform Master. ”“Yes, Mr. Fraser!” all the bodyguards answered in a union. Then, Stanford forcibly took Ernest and strode over to his private dungeon with a cold face. On the way to the dungeon, only Stanford’s own men remained and others were sent away. The bodyguards guarding the door watched Stanford left with Ernest, and then returned to their positions to work. The yard was back to silence again as if nothing had happened here just now. There was no single trace at all. In the darkness afar, a figure quietly moved in the bushes and took a small path to leave. The basement. “Pak!” The big iron gate was closed. The room was with only dimmed light. It was a bit humid and small. Stanford’s men all left the room, guarding outside the iron gate. Stanford dragged Ernest in. Releasing his palm, he let go of Ernest. At the same time, he threw a punch on Ernest’s face. “Bang!”With a dull sound, his fist hit Ernest's face exactly. Stanford angrily snapped, “Ernest Hawkins, I’ve warned you not to come to the territory of the Fraser family. Or, you can’t blame me for killing you!”