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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 151: It Was Her

She could not be taken away silently like this. In the panic, Florence was very anxious. She grabbed the things around her and threw the things at the yellow-haired man who was walking towards her. The yellow-haired man was caught unawares and he was hit in the face by a crystal ball. He endured the pain and became furious. After cursing her with a few sentences, he lunged wildly at her and held her arms tightly. His strength was very strong. Florence could not escape from him and she was grabbed and forced to stand up. “Bitch, behave yourself! Otherwise, I will kill you now!” The yellow-haired man threatened her viciously. His hideous face showed that he wanted to kill someone. Florence knew that they would really kill her if she didn’t behave herself. She was very afraid and started to behave herself. Just then, the yellow-haired man hugged her on his shoulder. He was very thin. The bones on his shoulder made her stomach very painful. Gritting his teeth, she tried to endure the pain. She felt dizzy and her face turned pale. However, she tightly held the few pieces of paper that she had just torn off when she threw things at him. She squeezed them into a ball and held them in her hand. The people around the yellow-haired man were in a hurry to leave the place and they did not notice what Florence did. Moreover, terrified people would grab something around them. They did not care what she did. Florence was carried by the yellow-haired man. The other people quickly packed the documents about their identities and left the place immediately. They were in a remote area where there was nobody on the road. They ran and left the place. Florence who was carried on the yellow-haired man’s shoulder tried to identify the road. When they turned the corner, she quickly threw one page of the paper on the ground. The paper was even stained with the blood on her mouth. The people turned around on the road and left the area in a short time. They got into an old van. “Bang…” With a loud sound, Florence was rudely thrown into the van. Florence who was freed from the man immediately sat up

It would take them about ten minutes to reach there. Ernest couldn’t find her in such a short time! “Help! Help… help…” Florence who stayed obedient for a long time suddenly pulled her voice and shouted. She even tried to press down the window and throw the paper in her hand out, waving her hands frantically to the outside

. She tried to get a little attention from outside. “Shut up! Bitch!” The yellow-haired man became angry and pulled Florence back to her seat. He slapped hard on her face. Then, he pulled Florence’s head and smashed it against the car door. “Ah…”Florence felt very pain in her head. She became unconscious. Seeing Florence who lost her consciousness, the yellow-haired man threw her aside. He cursed angrily, “Please fucking drive faster? Do you want the police to notice us?”“Yes, yes. Boss. ”The driver immediately turned the car around. The wheel of the car ran over the blood-stained paper ball, which was then flattened, crushed, and then blown away by the wind. At the same time, a limited-edition Lamborghini came in the opposite direction. The speed of the car was very fast, like an arrow speeding past them. The flying paper flew past the car and was carried higher by the airflow of the car, flying backwards. “Squeak…”The high-speed Lamborghini suddenly braked sharply to a stop. The rear door was opened from the inside. A man who had a pair of straight and long legs stepped down from the car. Without hesitation, he took a big step walking towards the paper flying in the air. “Sir, where are you going? Be careful!”Timothy hurriedly got down from the driver’s seat and watched with fear and trepidation as Ernest just walked in the traffic. Timothy immediately used his headset to instruct the convoy behind, “Faster stop your car and block the road!”If any car hit Ernest accidentally, he couldn’t imagine the consequences. The door of the passenger seat was also opened after a while. Charlotte got down from the car and hurriedly chased after Ernest。She said worriedly, “Ernest, where are you going?”Ernest completely ignored them. He was running fast and he managed to grab the paper ball that had just floated down within a short period. Then, he immediately opened the paper and saw the bloodstains on it at a glance. The hand that was holding the paper trembled anxiously. It was her!“Timothy, Florence was here. Faster get the surveillance video here. ”