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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 284: It’s a Habit

Florence felt sorry for him, but she simply regarded Reynold as her friend and she didn’t want to hurt her. But it was about emotions, and she really couldn’t accept him. “I feel really sorry. You deserve a better girl. ” Seeing that Reynold was so upset, Florence also felt uncomfortable. But she didn’t know what to say. She also knew that no matter what she said, she could not comfort him. She didn’t want to stay with Reynold at the moment. And she guessed that Reynold also didn’t know how to get along with her now. Florence felt a bit upset and said in a low voice, “Mr. Myron, I… I gotta go. ” Florence took a glance at Reynold’s pale face with guilty. She then suppressed her uncomfortableness and turned around and then headed towards the door. Reynold seemed to be nailed on the ground and stood there stiffly like a wood. He was devoured by an overwhelming gush of despair. The girl that he loved refused him, and he didn’t have the chance to embrace her in his arms anymore. For the first time, Reynold felt that extremely heartbroken. Florence was surprised to see Ernest when she walked out of the room in a panic. She asked in surprise, “Mr. Hawkins, how comes that you’re here?” It was Reynold’s house so it was unreasonable for Ernest to be here. Ernest fixed his eyes on Florence with a touch of smile on his mouth corners, “I come to find you. ” Florence was rendered speechless by this excuse. At the next moment, she recalled of something and asked with a flushed face, “How long have you been here?” “Several minutes. ” “So…” Florence became more embarrassed, “So you hear it?” “Yeah. ” Ernest admitted it without hesitation, the smile on his face becoming brighter. Although he still felt unhappy about Reynold confessing his feelings to Florence, the result had greatly enhanced his mood. He felt it unnecessary to ask Florence about the result of the test she did last night, because he was clear of the result now. Florence felt more embarrassed when hearing Ernest admitting it directly. What an embarrassment! Reynold confessed his feelings to her just now, and Ernest was also here and heard the conversation. Would he tease at her? Various thoughts flashed across Florence’s mind. Ernest suddenly reached out and then grabbed her hand. He said in a low, deep voice, “I’ll send you back. ” When speaking, he held up her hand and walked towards outside. Florence followed him involuntarily. Feeling the warmth from his palm, Florence felt that her skin was burning. Her heart thumped wildly. Even since she realized that she had fallen for Ernest, Florence would feel panicked every time when she got along with Ernest alone. The one she loved was now holding her hand. Absent-minded, Florence came back to the hotel with Ernest

” But Ernest acted like he had not heard Florence’s refusal. He walked to the wardrobe and then pulled open it. Ernst took a glance of the clothes and then reached out and took them out of the wardrobe

. Florence, who watched it aside, was stupefied. She had never imagined this scene before. The noble Mr. Hawkins was actually packing her clothes. He looked as serious and earnest as a virtuous and capable wife. This scene was really stimulating. Florence finally pulled herself together after a long while. She ran towards Ernest and took the clothes from him. “Mr. Hawkins, no need to bother you. I can pack it by myself. ”Although the scene was pleasant to eyes, Florence didn’t have the courage to let Ernest deal with such a household chore. Moreover, Ernest was a man, Florence felt a bit embarrassed if he was to pack up her clothes. Ernest moved his hand that was holding the clothes so as to dodge Florence’s hand. Florence failed to take the clothes from Ernest; instead, her hand landed on Ernest’s chest. He was wearing a white, thin shirt today. With her hand pressing on his chest, Florence could clearly feel his muscular chest when it was heaving up and down. She also felt the warmth from his chest. Florence froze. She…“Sorry. I’m sorry. ”Florence retreated her hand in a panic, her face crimson red as if it was about to drip blood at the next moment. What ridiculous thing did she do just now? Did she come on to Ernest just now?It was really shameful. Ernest could still feel the warmth of Florence’s hand from his chest. The skin on his chest was burning hot. He then fixed his eyes on Florence with a trace of lust flashing across his eyes. He said in a low voice as if he was trying to suppress something, “You have to get accustomed to this. ”Ernest curled his lips into a smile. He then took the clothes and put them into the luggage. Although he was not experienced in this, he was so earnest when he was doing that. He folded the clothes in apple-pie order and there was no wrinkle on the clothes. Florence froze, seeming to be nailed on the ground. Her face was getting redder and redder. She didn’t understand what Ernest meant by saying that. Did he mean that she should be accustomed to it since he would frequently help her pack up her clothes in the future? Or did he mean that she should be accustomed to touching her?Florence felt shameful upon thinking of these.