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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 273: It’s for You

The cooperation between the teams from City N and Riverside City almost ended. For that, the company has organized a farewell banquet. The team members from both cities would gather around and have fun. Also, the well-known gentlemen and ladies from Riverside City were invited to join the banquet. It was grand and vivid indeed. Florence had been to two parties since she came over to Riverside City, so there were two sets of evening dresses in her closet. One was from Reynold when she first got here, and the other one was bought by herself. Looking at the dresses in the closes, Florence wondered which one to wear or she should buy a new dress. “Knock. Knock. Knock. ” There was a knock on her door. Florence hadn’t decided which one to wear, so she walked over to open the door in slippers. Ernest was standing at the door as he usually did these days. However, they were going to a banquet soon, and they wouldn’t read books now. She wondered what Ernest was doing at her door. Seeing that Florence was in a daze at the door, Ernest pressed his thin lips into a smile. “Don’t you let me in?” “Ah! Please come in. ” Florence came back to her senses. She took a few steps back right away, letting Ernest walk into her suite. As soon as she stepped back, she saw Timothy was following Ernest. Timothy looked at Florence with a smile. He handed the big black gift box over to her. “Good evening, Ms. Fraser. This is for you. ” Florence was confused. “For me? What is it?” Timothy answered, “Please open it and take a look. Mr. Hawkins deliberately prepared it for you. ” It was prepared by Ernest. Subconsciously, Florence looked over at the man who had entered her room, her heart hammering. She took over the gift box. After delivering the gift box, Timothy didn’t go in. He walked out of the suite and closed the door behind him considerately. Only Florence and Ernest were left in the room. Holding the gift box, Florence slightly felt uneasy. Ernest poured himself a glass of wine. Sitting on the sofa, he took a sip lazily. He raised his head and looked at her. “Why don’t you open it and have a look?” Florence’s heartbeat fastened. She held the gift box over, put it on the table, and opened it

Hearing the sound, Ernest looked up over at her, only to find an aqua blue figure in his sight. Within the aqua blue, Florence looked like a genie from the sea, extremely enchanting. He found it so hard to tear his gaze off her

. Under Ernest’s straightforward and heated gaze, Florence blushed deeper and deeper, feeling quite uneasy. Holding the hemline, she walked over and asked gingerly, “Does it look OK?” After all, it was designed by Mr. Forager, so the dress had certain requirements for the woman who put it on. If the charisma or appearance couldn’t match it, it would be a failure. When Florence firstly saw this dress, in her opinion, it would be an A-list famous model or a world-famous actress to put it on. Unexpectedly, she would be the first on wearing it. Ernest put down the goblet in his hand. He stood up and walked to Florence step by step. As he approached, Florence was overwhelmed by the unique cold and clear scent from his body, feeling stimulated. Florence stood upright in nervousness. Ernest stopped only one step away in front of her. He slightly lowered his head, glinting at her with hot flames. “Florence,” he called her name. His voice was extremely hoarse, full of some kind of emotion. Florence became more intense. She only hummed in a lower voice in response. Ernest reached, his knuckled fingers falling on her shoulder. Then they moved through her shoulders gently as feathers, soft and tickling. “I’m a bit regretful. ”Standing in front of Ernest at such a short distance, Florence was so tense and she couldn’t think properly at all. Looking at him in confusion, she wondered why he regretted it. Ernest pressed his lips. Then he said in a steady and sexy voice, “I can’t bear to let others see you in this way. ”His words were full of possessiveness. She was so beautiful that he wanted to hide her in his pocket and arms so that no one else could look at her. Florence blushed immediately. The emotion in the man’s eyes was almost attached to her heart immediately and straightforwardly. It was the desire of possession to the beautiful thing. Florence had never seen such emotion in Ernest’s eyes. It also proved his answer . she must look quite pretty right now. Otherwise, this stately and superior man wouldn’t behave in such a gaffe. “It’s getting late. We shall go to the banquet,” Florence changed the subject with a blushed face. Ernest gazed at her as if he didn’t want to go to the so-called banquet at all. She looked so gorgeous, which should only be shown to him alone.