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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 433: It’s him! It must be him!

She wondered who he was. The way he made her feel when kissing was exactly the same as Ernest did. Florence was totally at loss, her heart hammering violently as if it would pop out of her chest the next second. She could hardly believe that it was he. Noticing that Florence was in a daze without any reaction, the man had a light flashing through his eyes. He kissed her more deeply and wildly. His kiss was so aggressive as if he wanted to take away everything from her mouth. Florence was forced to be held in his arms. His scent fully occupied all her senses. Even the position in his embrace made her feel so familiar. Her heart trembled. “Hmm. You. You. ” Feeling so shocked, Florence pushed the man away and looked at his face in surprise. The silver mask covered more than half of his face. However, his eyes with the darkness were twinkling, so similar to the eyes of the man in her memories. “Who are you?” she asked. She almost blurted a name. The man’s sexy thin lips were curled up into a smile. He asked jokingly, “Why? Have I gained your heart through just a kiss? You asked me who I am. Do you want to be my girlfriend?” His teasing words didn’t sound serious at all. Florence felt quite panicked. She wished that she could confirm his identity as soon as possible. How could she be willing to waste time talking nonsense with him? Gritting her teeth, she suddenly reached out and took off the mask on his face. “I know it’s you. Er. ” Before she could finish calling his name, she suddenly paused when seeing his face clearly. She gaped. The man had a totally different face than Ernest’s. He was quite handsome, but his features didn’t look any similar to Ernest’s. They were absolutely two different men. Florence was in a daze, her mind blank. She couldn’t believe what she had seen at all. How could it not be him? When he was kissing her, his scent and embrace were exactly the same as Ernest’s. Looking at Florence’s shocking face, the man didn’t feel surprised at all. Instead, he curled up his think lips into a playful smile. Flirtatiously, he raised her chin with his index finger gently

“Okay. I can tell you,” whispered the man. He bent down his head and clung his thin lips to Florence’s ear

. With his heated breath, he whispered, “I am. ” “What are you doing?”Right then, they heard a man’s snap. Stanford rushed over from the other end of the corridor, looking quite angry. He looks so fierce as if he was rushing over to immediately kill the man who was holding Florence. Florence’s mouth corners twitched. What good timing for Stanford to show up here!She almost could hear the man’s answer. The man, however, looked quite relaxed. He released Florence. He turned around and looked at Stanford. Looking graceful and calm, he said in an indifferent tone, “Just now this lady tripped over carelessly. I just helped her up. ”Florence gaped. Just now, he was holding her so intimately. How could he be so shameless to declare that he was helping her up? What a good liar!Ernest didn’t seem to be so shameless, did he?Looking at the face that was completely different from Ernest’s, Florence suddenly hesitated, wondering if he was Ernest. The man didn’t realize it at all. He turned around and looked at Florence. With a faint smile, he asked, “My fair lady, did I tell the truth?”Florence was taken aback for a moment. She couldn’t help but recall that Benjamin also called her “my fair lady” when asking her for the opening dance earlier. Now those words were covered with jealousy when this man called her. She wondered if he got jealous of Benjamin. But, he wasn’t Ernest. At the thought of it, Florence felt that her heartbeat sped up. If he was Ernest, it made would make sense that he pulled her into the corridor, invited her for a dance, kissed her forcibly, and bullied her. It was because he was jealous. He tricked her. Florence’s eyes were sparkling. Her heart almost floated up in the air. She couldn’t wait to confirm his identity immediately. Now she could be hundred percent sure that he was Ernest. Seeing that Florence was in a daze when looking at him, the man curled up his lips. He shrugged helplessly. With an innocent look, he said to Stanford, “After I’ve saved this fair lady just now, it seems that she fell in love with me at the first sight. ”