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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 354: It’s Me Who Is Pestering Him

Was it a sense of reliance? Whatever Florence had done last night did indeed shake Ernest up from within. He even started to doubt what he was doing. However, after she became sober, her attitude finally extinguished all rays of hope still lingering in his heart feebly. “She was drunk. Can’t take her seriously while she’s like that. ” Ernest’s baritone sounded. It sounded like he was either replying to Timothy or just telling himself that. Everything that had happened last night was like a ridiculous dream. Timothy frowned, “But…” “She already has a boyfriend. ” Ernest cut him off curtly, and his eyes took on a menacing glow. However, underneath that facade, all that he was feeling was a melancholic sensation. He wouldn’t force her to go according to his will. If he were to let go of her, then she would really be free. Timothy watched Ernest’s distant yet lonely back, and he could only let out a sigh. Florence only came back to her senses a little after Ernest was gone. In the room, Ernest’s scent was still lingering in between the sheets. However, the source of that sensation was all but gone, like the wind. Everything that was left behind in this room would only aggravate Florence’s pain and suffering. She took in a deep breath, and it felt like she needed a lot to push back that overwhelming emotion churning inside her. She then headed to the bathroom to wash up. The moment she entered the bathroom, she saw that suit which was now in the trash can. There was a visible stain on that suit. It was her work from last night. Florence felt her temples jolt, and she only started to feel fear now at the fact that she had vomited all over Ernest. It was a miracle that she was still alive after that ordeal. And when memories about her feigning ignorance in the bathroom last night came rushing back, Florence felt herself engulfed in more and more intense embarrassment. Even though she had gone all out and feigned ignorance, Ernest still didn’t do anything to her in the end. Not even a single punishment. He even cared for her the whole night. In fact, he treated her… with the utmost care. Too bad that it was most probably the last time something like that was going to happen. Florence felt her eyes sting and became red. Only she herself knew very well how unwilling she was to give up on him. In the end, no matter how good Ernest’s intentions were, a lie was still a lie. Nothing could change the fact that she was used. He was never that caring and loving about her in the first place. After washing up, Florence planned to make a call to Stanford to send a set of clothing over, but she chanced upon a brand new set of clothes in the living room

“Flory, when we return to Europe, there will be so many good-looking man. You can get any type that you want. I will make sure you are satisfied

. ” “Yes. ” Florence mumbled a vague response to him. She wasn’t the least bit interested in his suggestion at all. No matter how good another man was, he wouldn’t be Ernest himself. Florence didn’t know how long was it going to take for her to escape this sorrowful parade, but she would have to let time remedy her woes, to make her let go and forget everything that she couldn’t get her hands on. ---Florence didn’t harbor any longing this time when she was going to leave City N. Ever since she was shooed by the Fraser family, she had lost contact with any member of the Fraser family. Since Charlotte had cooked up such a mess, her foster parents feared getting in touch with her ever since. They were afraid that more trouble would ensue. Perhaps they were also waiting for Charlotte to let go of this grudge. No matter what happened, Florence had no home she could call now. Now that she was going to leave the city, the most she could do was to take a good look at the Fraser family house in front of it. Stanford was very troubled as he took in Florence’s anguish and unwillingness to leave, which were both apparent in her sad eyes. If it were not for that mishap where Florence was accidentally abandoned, she would be the princess who would be showered with love and attention in the family. How could someone that should be the princess get degraded into a foster daughter who lived off her original family? She would not have been shooed by her own family in the first place if that first mishap never happened. Stanford hated the Fraser family, and he hated them for bringing so much pain to Florence. However, keeping in mind the fact that they still raised Florence well throughout the years, he vowed not to bring any trouble to the Fraser family. Instead, she had sent a package over which contained a cheque detailing a handsome amount. A card inside explained the reason of that cheque: This is the reimbursement for raising Florence throughout the years. By using money to as a mean to repay back the kindness of raising Florence, it would also mean that Florence would finally severe ties with them and have nothing to do with them from now on. “Let’s go, they are all there. You still have me, and there will be parents who would love you eve more. They have been waiting for you for a long time. ”Stanford stroked Florence’s hair as he gently comforted her. Florence’s chilly heart felt a little warmth as she felt Stanford stroking her. She nodded. “You’re right, let’s go to the bar. ”Her foster parents and even her sister didn’t need her to bid them farewell face to face. All it took her was a glance at the place she had grown up. Florence suppressed the emotions boiling in her heart and turned around. She removed her gaze from the house she had been living in for more than twenty years.