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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 477: It’s Over if You’re Found Out

Florence looked at Ernest and said, “The face test matter has settled, and the rumours will soon die down, so you won’t be suspected anymore in the future. Clarence wouldn’t have to stay here any longer, right?” She even wanted to send Clarence back to City N right away. It would be best if she never saw him again. Clarence was instantly displeased hearing this. He complained, “Flory, you’re so unethical for dumping me after you are done using me! Not even saying a thank you or keeping me for a cup of hot tea, and you’re kicking me out?” Florence felt a bit embarrassed. She hesitated and said, “Then there can’t be two Clarence here either. If someone sees you, you’ll blow our cover. So you must leave quickly. ” Clarence smiled playfully as he looked meaningfully at Ernest. “Then the person who leaves might not be me either. ” Florence’s heart tightened instantly. If the person who left wasn’t Clarence, then it could only be Ernest. She didn’t want Ernest to go. Florence subconsciously grabbed Ernest’s arm tightly and opened her mouth to ask him if he would not leave. But before she could say anything, the sound of footsteps suddenly came up not far away. At the same time, there was Stanford’s puzzled voice too. “Clarence, what are you doing here?” Florence was stiffened that even her breathing stopped. She looked at Clarence and then at Ernest in front of her in panic. It would be over if Stanford saw the two identical faces. “You, hurry and hide. ” Florence let go of Ernest and wanted to let him hide. But when she looked around, she saw this was a corner, and there was no way out. She had just been glad that she could block Clarence in this dead end, but now she got herself stuck here. Her heart was beating wildly, and she was panicking. At the same time, she could faintly see Stanford through the gaps of the flower wall walking over

” Stanford gazed sharply at Clarence with scrutiny, “You don’t know where she is?” It was not just questioning him but confronting him too. That tone of Stanford, as if he was certain that Clarence knew where Florence was. And that the question he had just asked was a lie

. Florence’s heart was tightened as she listened to the conversation between the two. Although Clarence had stopped Stanford, Stanford was so smart, and he might find out something… “Concentrate. ” Ernest whispered discontentedly. Florence shuddered as her entire body froze. What was Ernest doing?They were in the garden, outside. Besides, two men were just a few steps away from them, and one of them was her brother, Stanford… If he found out that they were here, they would all be finished. Ernest was not even nervous and still in the mood to stroke her in such a situation!“You, stop it…”Florence was so nervous that she trembled and grabbed his wrist, trying to stop him. Not only was she afraid, but she was also ashamed. However, Ernest didn’t care in the slightest. Her skin at the collar was exposed. Florence looked at Ernest incredulously, infuriated. What the hell was he going to do?They were outside, and her brother and Clarence would have seen them here!Florence was almost going crazy. “Ahh…”Florence couldn’t help but let out a sound. Ernest’s gaze darkened as others heard her voice. Damn it. Instead, Florence instantly felt embarrassed and wanted to die, hating to cover her mouth immediately. Stanford became sharp as he heard the noise. He swiftly looked at the corner behind Clarence and questioned in a serious tone, “Who’s there!”Florence was in despair. It was over. Stanford had found out, and they had no place to hide, all exposed. Seeing that no one responded, Stanford looked bad. He yelled, “Come out here!”Saying that, he walked over there, wanting to see what was going on