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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 528: It’s Your Great Honor to Be My Woman

After being tossed around in the car, Florence and Clarence all lost their strengths to run away. So they could only be brought to the yacht forcibly. “Click. ” The door of a room was opened. It was a dark and narrow room. A tall and robust security guard pushed Clarence into the room. As Clarence was still tied by the roped, he lost his balance under the push. He tumbled and then fell onto the ground. He moaned because of the pain, but his voice was so husky and weak. Florence’s temples thumped wildly. She knitted her brows and said, “You want to confine us here?” It was a narrow, dark and humid room. If one was not bold enough, he would feel afraid if he was forced to stay here and every second would be a great torture for him. Standing beside Florence, Benjamin stared at her gently, “How will I let you suffer in such a place. This room is for Clarence. ” After he finished the words, the security guard slammed closed the door. The room was instantly prevailed by darkness. Clarence’s husky and angry voice sounded from the room, “Benjamin, dare you to lock me in such a dark room? I will kill you when I come out!” Benjamin sneered, “Did you say that I have to break you mentally before taming you? Clarence, you’re so refractory, so you should reflect on yourself in this room. I heard that you have nyctophobia. ” Clarence refused to admit it, “I’m afraid of nothing!” “Is that so? That’s good, then you can enjoy the dark room alone. Oh, maybe there’s a ghost in the darkness. ” Benjamin’s voice was full of evil intention. But this time, Clarence didn’t curse at him again. There were some slight movements from the room and it sounded like Clarence was moving. Florence furrowed her brows tightly, “Benjamin, stop torturing Clarence. If you’re displeased, you can play these tricks on me!” If Clarence was really afraid of the darkness and the ghosts, she was afraid that he would suffer great mental torture tonight. Benjamin looked at Florence gently and held her hand. “Flory, I prepare the best things for you. ” His hand was icy cold. Florence felt disgusted and shook it off without a second thought. She gritted her teeth, “I will not go to anywhere. If you want to arrest me, just put me into Clarence’s room. ” At least they could take care of each other if they were locked in the same room. If Clarence was scared, she could comfort him. Looking at his hand that was shoved off by Florence just now, Benjamin’s eyes gradually turned gloomy and his expression immediately became ferocious. “Flory, when I remind you to be obedient when I’m kind and gentle to you. Don’t force me to resort to physics

But Benjamin had expected her movement. He pressed Florence’s shoulders onto the bed and she couldn’t move any longer. With an evil smile on his face, he looked at Florence gloomily and aggressively

. “Florence, I’ve been waiting for you to marry me ever since your birth. You’re destined to my women the moment you came to this world. ”He should enjoy his right now. His touch and breath made Florence felt nausea. She struggled and screamed violently. “Benjamin, we’ve cancelled our engagement. And I have never belonged to you! You’re not waiting for me. The one you’re waiting for is the daughter of the Fraser family. What you want are just power, identity and social status!”She didn’t like those profit-driven people. Benjamin slightly froze. At the next moment, he curled his lips into an unruly smile. He said word by word, “But you’re the daughter of the Fraser family. If you’re just a mediocre adopted daughter of the Fraser family in the City N, I will never cast a glance at you. But you’re the only daughter of that powerful family and we were betrothed when we were still in wombs. Only you can help me to be the patriarch of the Turner family. I have to use you. ”His words were so overbearing and unreasonable. For Benjamin, everything was inferior to power and benefits. Florence was angered by Benjamin’s words. It turned out that in his eyes, she herself, love and marriage were all tools for him to obtain power. She gritted her teeth, “I’m under your control now. So you can compete for the things you want by yourself. If you can force me to marry you, I will not have any objection. But we disgust each other, why should we be bound with each other in the rest of our lives?”Looking at the woman who was pressed under him and the hatred on her face, Benjamin was clutched by a gush of anger and the desire to conquer her. He would definitely marry her and at the same time, conquer her. “Women are born for serving men. When your body is conquered by me, it means that your heart will also be conquered soon. ”He slowly leaned towards her. His breath became burning hot and there was a touch of burning sexual desire in his eyes. “Florence, it’s your great honor to be my woman. ”