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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 274: I’ve Met Her Actually

However, Ernest knew that Florence wanted to join this farewell party. He suppressed the irritation in his heart and nodded seriously. “Let’s go. ” Florence breathed a sigh of relief in secret. Ernest finally moved his frightening gaze from her. Under his heated gaze just now, she almost couldn’t control herself at all. She couldn’t help complaining that this man, a CEO, was way too seductive. His gaze was luring her. Florence picked up her handbag and was about to walk out with Ernest. Just when she walked out of the door, she realized something. If she was going to the banquet with Ernest, it meant that she was going to attend it as Ernest’s fiancée. However, it was the farewell banquet between the two design teams, which was supposed to be the focus. Florence thought that it would be more proper for her to attend it as an employee. After a hesitation, Florence said to Ernest, “Mr. Hawkins. Well. Can we go there separately?” Ernest paused his pace. Looking at her, he knew what was in her mind. Feeling somewhat helpless, he realized that his fiancée refused to go to the banquet with him together. Ernest pressed his lips, nodding. “All right. You can go there first. ” Florence was a bit startled. She didn’t expect that Ernest would be so easygoing. Seeing him like this, she felt a bit guilty. The venue of the banquet was in the hotel, in the banquet hall of the top floor. After separating with Ernest, Florence took the elevator and went upstairs alone. Outside the banquet hall, she bumped into Reynold, who was leaning against the wall casually and playing on his cell phone. It seemed that he was waiting for someone. Florence walked over and greeted him. “Good evening, Mr. Myron. ” Reynold immediately put away his cell phone. Seeing Florence alone, he felt a bit surprised. “You alone?” Florence thought about Ernest, feeling a bit embarrassed. She nodded. “Yeah. ” Reynold didn’t keep inquiring. He was quite pleased to see that Ernest didn’t come over together with Florence. That meant he didn’t wait for her at the door in vain. Hence, Reynold suggested, “All right. Shall we go in together?” “Sure,” Florence agreed, nodding. Reynold was her coworker and friend, so it was normal for them to join the party together

Florence looked at those dismissed onlookers, her mouth corners twitching. In this case, she couldn’t even have a chance to explain. Reynold was quite satisfied with such a situation

. He never minded that others would think that Florence and he were lovers. He tried hard to suppress the laughter that he almost burst. “Come on. Let’s go in there. ”Florence stood a step away from Reynold, feeling quite uneasy. “I didn’t expect that they would understand us. ”“They have good taste. ” Reynold, however, agreed with the crowd. Florence was puzzled. She looked at Reynold in confusion. “What’s that?”Reynold smiled and said, “They called us a handsome man and a pretty woman. ”He meant that they had good taste by saying those words. Florence smiled helplessly. She didn’t expect that Reynold was so narcissistic. Since Reynold pulled her leg, Florence felt less uneasy. Then she walked in with Reynold shoulder-by-shoulder. However, she kept a step away from Reynold instead of taking his arm again. Reynold felt a bit sorry for that. When they entered the hall, they greeted their coworkers and chitchatted. They met almost every day, so Florence didn’t feel so nervous to attend the party when being with them. Gradually, she calmed down. Her charisma was also gradually emanated. A lot of attendees glanced at Florence casually, but they couldn’t tear off their gazes on her anymore, reluctant to look away. Some men couldn’t hold up. With their wine glasses, they came over and talked to Florence. Florence was a bit uneasy to deal with them. At this time, Reynold would come over and get her out of trouble. He drove away those men after exchanging a few lines with them. Sometimes, he would give them a hint so they thought that Florence was his girlfriend. Then those men gave up. Florence didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the way how Reynold dealt with the problem. “If those men all mistook that I’m your girlfriend, how could you find your real girlfriend later?”“If I can’t find one, you should compensate me. ”Reynold looked at Florence pitifully as if he would ask her to be responsible for it. Florence smile. “What if you’ve met someone you have a crush on?”Reynold’s eyes that were staring at Florence were darkened with complicated feelings. His tone became serious secretly. “I’ve already met her actually. ”