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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 555: I’ve said I’ll Go through Thick and Thin Together with You

“Run!” At the crucial moment, Ernest suddenly lifted her and carried her into his arms, running out. Behind him, the broken roof beam and bricks kept falling. The dust was blowing. Ernest ran pretty fast, almost competing with the death. Right after he ran out of the church, behind him, they heard a roar and a large part of the church broke down. If he were one second slow, Florence and he would be buried by the collapsed church. However, even if they had escaped from the collapse, Ernest didn’t stop. With Florence in his arms, he ran fast towards the sea in front. In his arms, Florence looked quite pale, desperately looking at the counter that started to countdown again. Eight, seven, six. The bomb was about to explode soon. They couldn’t have any chance to stop it. Although they had dodged from being smashed, they still couldn’t dodge from being exploded. Stanford also ran out fast before the church broke down. However, before he breathed a sigh of relief, he saw Ernest running towards the sea like crazy with Florence in his arms. He gaped in fear. Even it was still noisy around him, he also heard the countdown beeps. He realized that the bomb was triggered again. Since they hadn’t completely taken off the balance device, they couldn’t do anything now. Florence would die for sure. “Flory!” Stanford roared. With reddened eyes, he chased them. His mind went blank. He had experienced so many crucial moments before, but none of them could make him feel so horrified and fearful as he was feeling now. His dear sister would be killed by the bomb. She was the precious baby of the Fraser family. However, Stanford found that he could only watch her die without being able to rescue her. At the thought of it, he wished that the bomb had been bound to him instead so that he could die for her. Phoebe had been staying far away from the church. Hearing the explosion, she rushed over despite the bodyguards who wanted to stop her. As soon as she rushed over, she saw the three people rushing out from the collapsed church. However, a time bomb was bound on Florence. Phoebe let out a scream, freaking out. She gaped at Ernest who rushing to the sea with Florence in his arms. She was so frightened that she trembled all over, following them immediately. Florence’s mind went blank as if everything around them had disappeared. Her eyes twinkled. Staring at Ernest and tugging his sleeve, she said in a trembling voice as if she was begging, “Just leave me alone. ” There were still five seconds left, not too late for him to run away. She would be dead for sure, but Ernest still had a chance to survive

Both Florence and Ernest were sucked down into the sea. They couldn’t even see their shadows. Probably there were no bones left in the explosion

. Blood drained from Phoebe’s face. She collapsed down on the ground. Tears streamed down. Looking at the rolling sea under the blurred vision, she felt so frozen and couldn’t believe what she had just seen. How could it be?Ernest and Stanford had planned such a huge trap to kill all Benjamin’s men in silence. Then they went to the church to block his way. According to their plan, they would rescue Florence for sure. They even had thought that Benjamin would struggle before dying, so Stanford kept an eye in the dark to avoid Benjamin from taking any other actions. Then he suddenly appeared to control Benjamin. But now. Phoebe wondered why Florence was bound with a bomb. Why couldn’t they remove it? Why did Ernest jump into the sea with Florence in his arms?The bomb exploded in the sea and neither had bones left in the explosion. Phoebe couldn’t understand that Florence had truly died. Ernest was such a powerful and capable man, and so did he die with her. “No! I don’t believe it! No way!” Phoebe yelled between sobs. She gripped the soil on the ground, her nails bleeding. With a pale face, she kept shaking her head. She muttered, “Flory will be fine. Flory will survive. ”“Flory. ”Stanford stood upright at the edge of the cliff. His voice became extremely hoarse. He wanted to say that Florence would be fine, but before he could utter a word, the wind stopped him. They jumped off such a high cliff. The bomb exploded as soon as they fell. Florence had no single chance to survive at all. The younger sister, whom he had searched for over two decades and finally be found, suddenly died in front of him. She ended up with even no bones left. Stanford’s eyes became reddened. Staring at the sea, he found as if the water was full of blood. The water became red because of Florence’s blood. Their parents were still waiting for Florence at home. Stanford wondered how he could take his sister back home. How could he explain to his parents?The sea breeze was blowing violently as if it was full of the suffocation of death. Stanford’s tall and strong figure suddenly became haggard and weakened in loneliness. He started shaking.