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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 224: Jealous Kiss

Florence felt so guilty, and her mind was in a mess. Holding the bag of sanitary pads, she trotted into the bathroom and hid. Sitting on the toilet, Florence was flustered and lost in thought. Ernest had been so nice to her, but she wanted to kick him out. She wondered if that would be too impolite. She felt a bit sorry. However, she believed that they didn’t have an actual relationship. If they continued staying in the same room, others would misunderstand them. She couldn’t be so soft-hearted just because she was feeling guilty at this moment. She believed that they must stay in separate rooms. Florence inhaled deeply and cheered herself up. Then she walked out decisively. Ernest was sitting on the sofa. A bowl of brown sugar water that was still hot was placed on the table in front of him. Looking at her, he frowned slightly. “Why did you stay there for so long? Are you not feeling well?” Florence looked away and didn’t have the guts to meet Ernest’s eyes. Ernest thought that she was shy. Pressing his lips, he reached out and pulled her to sit down next to him. Then, he handed the warm brown sugar water to her naturally. “Drink it. ” The brown sugar water was quite warm. With the bowl in her hand, Florence felt flustered. This was the first time that she took the brown sugar water prepared by someone else. When she was with Grayson before, he was never so careful. At that time, she thought it was normal for Grayson not to know such things since he was a son from a rich family. However, Ernest was far more superior than Grayson was, and Ernest could be so careful and considerate. Comparing them, Florence realized how bad her taste in men was in the past. How could she be with Grayson for such a long time? While Ernest. Florence stopped her wild mind immediately. She didn’t think she would be with Ernest in the future, so she shouldn’t continue thinking about him. She became more decisive about her thoughts. Florence tightened her hands holding the brown sugar water and put the bowl on the table. She pulled out a room card from her handbag, handing it over to Ernest. “Mr. Hawkins, there happened to be a vacant room in the hotel, which was also a president suite. I think it’s just in time, so I helped you check in. ” Ernest looked at the room card, the expression on his face changing slightly

It was not inconvenient, but it was not convenient either. Ernest approached closer to Florence. He said in a low voice, and the hot breath was sprayed onto her face when he spoke, “We’ve been staying together in City N for a long time

. Why aren’t you willing to do it here?” In City N, she was always staying, sleeping, and eating with Ernest. They clung to each other for almost twenty hours a day, even more intimate than lovers. Later, she had got used to it unconsciously. If it weren’t that she came to Riverside City and would always meet her coworkers, she wouldn’t have found that how ambiguous it was for her to stay with Ernest together. “Mr. Hawkins, we’re now on a business trip, so you are my boss and I’m your employee. If we stay in the same room and others see us, it wouldn’t be appropriate,” Florence tried to convince him seriously. Noticing she was so decisive, Ernest looked more annoyed. His voice was lowered more. “When we were in City N, the whole company knew our relationship. We went to work and knocked off together. Everyone knows that we stay together. Why don’t you think it’s appropriate now? Who are you afraid that would see us?”Florence reechoed his last question inwardly. She was confused. She didn’t want anyone to see them. When she was about to answer, she saw Ernest glinted at her in anger. He stressed each syllable, “Is it Reynold Myron?”Florence couldn’t understand why it had something to do with Reynold. However, when she thought that it was Reynold who told her that there would be a vacant room and she made up her mind to stay in a different room with Ernest, Florence couldn’t help feeling guilty. She answered without any confidence. “It has. nothing to do with him. ”Noticing Florence’s guilty look, Ernest felt that the fury in his heart was poured with fuel and he went more furious. He had never wanted to tear a man apart like what was on his mind at this moment. Pressing Florence, he looked extremely annoyed. “Florence Fraser, you are my fiancee. ”She couldn’t have another man in her heart. Otherwise, he would. Florence was scared when looking at Ernest’s fierce face. In a panic, she wanted to push him away. “Mr. Hawkins, please let go of me first. Hmm!”Before she could finish her words, she was kissed.