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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 540: Jump into the Water

Now, it was the perfect chance for them to escape. He didn’t dare to delay a single second. Immediately, she walked to Florence and asked, “Where is the boat? Hurry up and let’s go. Let’s leave now!” He would never want to be Benjamin’s jailbird again. After drinking the water, Florence moved her body. Now she had a lot of her physical strength back. Her eyes were lit up, full of hope. Last night she couldn’t do anything to stop Ernest from going to the Fraser family’s villa, but now she could escape, saving a lot of trouble for them. As long as Benjamin hadn’t married her, he wouldn’t get the right of succession of the Turner family. Even Ernest’s reputation was ruined, he was still the only inherit. At least, he wouldn’t have a powerful rival. If she could be safe, Ernest could at least have a chance to fight for it. Florence pointed in the direction where the small corridor was. “It’s behind there. Let me show you. ” As she spoke, Florence walked to the corridor first. It was not as bright as the daytime yet, so it was dim everywhere. There was nobody else on the deck. Even the bodyguards on patrol walked not so frequently. She had discovered their regular pattern, so she was quite experienced in hiding from the bodyguards with Clarence. Soon, they arrived at the place where the boat was kept. Clarence was overjoyed. He jumped down first. Standing in the boat, he joyfully urged Florence to jump down in a hurry and while trying to untie the rope on the boat. The rope was untied but they also heard the sound of the iron rope colliding. It wasn’t loud but it sounded quite harsh in the quiet early morning. Clarence suddenly stiffed, afraid that others would hear the sound. Florence frowned and asked nervously, “What happened?” Clarence saw that nobody came over through the corridor and breathed a sigh of relief. Then he looked along the rope carefully. With a glimpse, he became angry and couldn’t help but curse, “Fuck!” Florence was confused. Standing on the yacht, she bent over and looked towards the front of Clarence. Unexpectedly, she saw there was another iron rope under the role on the boat. Besides the iron rope was locked by a huge lock. Florence looked a bit pale. “Clarence, can you open the lock?” Clarence didn’t answer. He had been a playboy for over two decades, but he regretted that he didn’t have the habit to sneak into girls’ rooms at midnight. There was only silence around them in a few seconds. Clarence pulled out the knife that Florence used to cut his rope, looking quite determined

Clarence’s face became pale instantly. Raising the knife in his hand, he pointed at Benjamin. “I dare you to do it! I’ll perish together with you!” In the past two days, he had suffered a lot

. Perishing together with Benjamin was the same as setting him free. Benjamin, however, looked fearful at all. He controlled Florence with one hand and waved the other. He ordered, “Catch him!”The tall and strong bodyguards standing next to him walked towards Clarence with fierce looks. They were quite strong with excellent fighting skills, so it would be a piece of cake for them to deal with Clarence, although he held a knife. Florence frowned deeply, her eyes twinkling. She felt quite uneasy. She guessed that Ernest must have been to the Fraser family’s villa. She wasn’t quite certain what had happened to him. However, if Benjamin’s plan succeeded, Ernest’s identity must have been exposed already. If so, Clarence, who was the evidence to prove that Ernest was the fake Clarence, would be useless for Benjamin now. At most, Benjamin could use the real Clarence to threaten her. However, thinking of how vicious Benjamin was, if Clarence had truly pissed him off, he wouldn’t have mercy on Clarence. Probably he would directly kill Clarence. If Clarence kept staying here on the yacht, his life was in danger at any time. Florence had sworn to herself long ago -- since Clarence was dragged into the mere because of her, she wouldn’t let anything happen to him. After a quick thought, she made up her mind in an instant. Suddenly, she broke free of Benjamin’s grip and pouncing at Clarence. Benjamin reacted quite fast. When Florence was almost pounced forward, he reached out and grabbed her back. Florence’s body was hanging on the edge of the yacht, almost falling. However, she didn’t care at all. Taking the chance, she grabbed the knife from Clarence’s hand and pushed him away forcibly. She yelled, “Run!”Clarence was off-guard. The boat was small. He was pushed to take a few steps back and dropped into the sea. The water splashed. Clarence managed to jump out and float on the sea in a hurry, gaping at Florence. Benjamin was gripping Florence’s waist, pulling her back rudely. At the same time, he ordered with a darkened face, “Jump into the water. Get him back!”They were in his territory, and there were all his men on this yacht. Did they think that they could escape by jumping into the water?He felt it so ridiculous. Then he heard a roar. “I dare you!”