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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 208: Just a Misunderstanding?

He questioned, “Just a Misunderstanding? When you just met me, why did you pounced at me?” Florence immediately explained, “Someone pushed me from behind, so I lost my balance. ” Reynold asked again, “I offered my room to you. Why did you say you don’t mind staying in the room that I’ve stayed in and you can continue staying there? Florence, you are not a little girl. You should know that’s a hint to a man. ” Florence suddenly felt too awkward, feeling so aggrieved. “It’s because you’ve already offered your room to me out of kindness. How could I dislike the room you’ve stayed in?” After that, she added in a low voice, “Even if I disliked it, I couldn’t tell you face-to-face. I was sleeping on the sofa. ” Although the words she added were in a pretty low voice, Reynold still heard them. All of a sudden, Reynold was stiffened, his mouth corners twitching. He gaped at Florence. Did she mean that she disliked the bed that he had slept in? Suddenly, he got the feeling of falling into hell from the heave. Reynold looked at Florence, feeling more and more embarrassed. Gritting his teeth, he questioned again reluctantly, “Then, how about you came to my house at midnight?” “You said you wanted to show me the original design!” When speaking of it, Florence couldn’t help feeling furious. She came here to worship her idol’s design truly, but he mistook her as a whore who brought herself to him at midnight. Reynold couldn’t maintain his current expression at all. Looking at Florence’s angry face, as an experienced playboy, he knew that he had made a mistake tonight. Florence was not the kind of girl that he had imagined. “Ahem. Ahem,” Reynold cleared his throat awkwardly. Then he released Florence. Since she got the freedom, Florence took several steps aside, distancing herself from Reynold warily. At the same time, she was looking at Reynold up and down. He stopped doing things out of the boundary, walked to the sofa, and sat down. For a moment, neither of them spoke. It was so quiet in the room that the atmosphere was so awkward. It wasn’t until then did Florence understand that it was because Reynold misunderstood her actions and the things just now had happened. He thought that what happened to her during the daytime was because she was hitting on him. As a man, he took it for granted. Florence couldn’t help twitching the mouth corners. Was Reynold way too casual in his private life? She wondered if this was a so-called one-night-stand based on the mutual willingness. Reynold poured a glass of wine, gulping down more than a half glass. Then he finally calmed himself down from the irritation. All the time, he could always easily win a girl’s heart. He was a well-known playboy. Unexpectedly, he would fail when facing Florence and made such an awkward mistake. It was just the biggest failure in his realm of love. Reynold felt a bit depressed. After a long while, he stood up and walked to Florence again. Florence was stiffed in an instant, looking at him on alert. “Mr

Actually, we can be friends. ” Florence hesitated. “Friends?”“Yes, just ordinary friends

. ”Reynold shrugged. With a smile, he said, “But I wonder if you would refuse to friend with me because you thought I’m quite easy in sex. ”“Nah. I didn’t think so. ”Florence shook her head immediately, blushing while she denied. What happened tonight was just a mistake. Reynold let go of her without any hesitation, which could prove that his personality was quite OK. In this society, it was always normal for men and women to have a one-night-stand as soon as they liked each other at the first sight. Reynold was just a playful man only. If they were not involved in affairs and Reynoldwas her idol, she could make friends with him indeed. After a thought, Florence nodded, “It’s good to be friends, as long as you wouldn’t mind that I’m just an inexperienced designer. ”Seeing Florence agreed, Reynold subconsciously breathed a sigh of relief. He smiled, “It’s alright. We’ll work together these days. If you don’t understand anything, you can ask me. ”Reynold was the icon of the design business. If he could make comments and give her advice, she could make huge progress. The knot in Florence’s heart was becoming smaller and smaller. She nodded. Reynold immediately released his grip on Florence, pulling out his car key. “Let’s go. I’ll drive you back to the hotel. ”Reynold was a humorous gentleman. Although such awkward things happened just now, he could adjust his mood quite fast. On the way to sending Florence back, he chatted with Florence naturally as if nothing had happened earlier. The awkward atmosphere between them was erased in silence. At the entrance of the hotel, Florence got off his car and waved at Reynold on the driver’s seat. “Thank you for giving me a ride, Mr. Myron. Drive carefully when going back. ”“All right. See you tomorrow. ”Reynold smiled. Then he drove the car back home. Watching the receding car, Florence finally felt relaxed after the car had disappeared from her sight completely. She indeed had such an exciting and tiring day