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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 53: Just Reading

All of the contestants were deprived of their freedom before the contest started, but as long as they were within the premises of the hotel, they had the choice of their design staging. The best staging was the lobby, there were single offices, and most of the designers chose to go there. But Florence joined late, so there were barely any spots available, and now that she was the woman of the hour, there might be trouble if she went there. Then Florence chose to work in her own hotel room. She had a presidential suit, it had an office room and a living room, the office room had everything that she needed, including a desk. It was big enough for her to work there. Cooper brought all the materials that she needed to work with to her room before the two of them got buried into it. Because they were late for two days, Florence didn't have too much time, so she used every single second she had. After a couple of hours, Cooper came to Florence, and asked worriedly, "You have been sitting for too long, get up and move a little. " "It's alright. " "You just need to walk a few steps in the room, you can sit again later. " Cooper tried again, this time seemingly more dominance in his voice. Florence thought about it, she sat for too long and her back was hurting a little. She put down her work, and got up, because of the sitting, she felt a little dizzy after she got up, she couldn't hold her balance, and accidentally swooshed everything on the table to the ground. Florence massaged her temples, then she bent down to pick the things up. Cooper was just by her side, and also bent down to help her, the two of them reached out their hands at the same time to grab the documents, and suddenly touched. His hand was not as hot as the ones of Ernest, instead Cooper's hand was cold, it reminded her of expensive jade, cool and smooth. When Cooper held Florence's little hand, he was surprised, he thought he wouldn't ever be moved again, but his heart suddenly felt as if it was electrocuted, it beat faster. Florence was startled for a while, then she immediately drew her hand back. When Cooper found himself again, there was an indifferent look on his handsome face as he said, "Let me pick that up. " "Okay. " Florence didn't decline his offer, trying not to get into the awkwardness of the two of them touching each other's hand again, then she stood up. After everything calmed down again, the two of them continued to work as if nothing happened, but somehow the atmosphere changed in the room, neither of them knew if it was because of what just happened. Ernest closed the document file, put down his pen and looked at Timothy. "Where is Florence?" Timothy was always prepared to answer this question, "Miss Fraser is in her room, she chose to do her work in the hotel room

Then he grouped them for her and explained the details. This saved a lot of work for Florence. Florence could get to know Cooper even better through this, to her, Cooper was like a walking lexicon, there was nearly nothing he didn't know

. It was a pity that he was only an assistant, with the knowledge that he had. They were deep in their conversation when Ernest came out of the office with a book in his hand. He saw Cooper and Florence sitting on the couch, looking at some documents together, so close that their heads almost touched. He didn't look very happy about that, and said in a deep voice, "Florence. "Florence looked up, "Yea? What is it?""I want to sit. "Florence paused, she wanted to tell him to sit anywhere he wanted, but then she scanned the room, every sofa and chair was filled with documents and paper, even the floor was covered. Where could he sit?"Mr. Hawkins, please wait. "She didn't bother about the files in her hand anymore and just got up, then she went to one of the sofas to clean up the files on it. She was a little ashamed about it, "Please don't mind that the room is in such a mess. "Cooper's eyes had a complicated look when the seat next to him emptied and as he watched Florence working to free a sofa. Since he was working with Florence, he knew that she was very focused on her work, she would even forget to eat and sleep when she was in the state, just now, she was in her focused state, and he never thought that she would put down her work. Just to find an empty seat for Ernest. "Mr. Hawkins, please sit. "Florence freed the sofa for him, and looked at Ernest politely, "Would you want some tea?""No need, you can go back to work. "Ernest sat down elegantly on the sofa, his long pale fingers flipping the pages of the book, as if he was reading it. Florence was a little surprised, was he going to read it here?"Mr. Hawkins, you can take the book to your own room, if you are finished you can bring it back. ""I am fine right here. " Ernest kept flipping in the book in his elegant way, and spoke naturally. Florence paused again, her room was a big mess, and Cooper and her discussing work would be noisy, was he sure he will be able to read?