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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 526: Kill Me If You Can

She didn’t know what trick he was playing again. Although Florence felt subconsciously unease, she still chose to ignore Benjamin. She tore off the tape on Clarence’s mouth. The moment she tore off the tape, Clarence screamed miserably, “Damn it. It hurts!” “Benjamin, can’t you be gentle to me? I’m not the one who snatches your woman, why do you bully me? Are you still a man?” He cursed in rage. With many wounds on his body, Clarence looked so messy. But he was very angry and ferocious. Benjamin’s temples thumped. He turned his head to look at Clarence coldly, “You still have the strength to curse at me. Looks like I didn’t give you a hard blow just now. ” “Damn you. Kill me if you can. ” Clarence cursed at him angrily. If not for the fact that he was tied by a rope, he would have pounced towards Benjamin and bit him. ” No one had beaten him like this, and Benjamin was the first one to do so. Benjamin sneered. He looked as gloomy as an evil. “Am I that thoughtful? You want to die? But I will keep you alive and give you a hard blow every day. You can’t die, nor will you live well. ” Clarence’s straightened body uncontrollably trembled slightly. With a pale face, he stared at Benjamin with hatred. He felt his whole body aching, but Benjamin even wanted to beat him every day. He was frightened and felt more pain from the wounds on his body. Florence, who was untying the robe for Clarence, felt more furious when she heard the words. She leaned forwards to protect Clarence behind herself. She said in a serious tone, “Benjamin, don’t try to scare us. If you dare to beat Clarence again, I will not cooperate with you on any matter. ” Benjamin still needed her. And this was the only bargaining chip for Florence now. Benjamin chuckled and looked at Florence arrogantly. “Now you’re under my control and I can do anything to you. Florence, you can only be obedient to me. You’re not qualified to negotiate with me now. ” “Is that so?” Florence questioned him confidently. Although she didn’t know why Benjamin kidnapped her and Clarence and what he planned to do, she was sure that he wanted to get something from her and he couldn’t get it without her help

Clarence furrowed his brows and continued, “Don’t listen to his nonsenses. He’s not that capable. He just wants to let you mentally broken so that he can do the things he wants to do to you

. You have to believe in Stanford. He will come to save you. Don’t be afraid. ” Clarence’s voice sounded firm. It was rare for Florence to see such a serious expression on his face. If it was in usual time, she would be convinced. But now, she was still so restless. She didn’t know what else had Benjamin prepared, nor did she know that whether Clarence just said those words to comfort her or not. She wasn’t sure that they would be saved. If they couldn’t be saved and if she was forced to marry Benjamin and became his wife…She felt it despairing when thinking of the possible consequences. She remained silent. After a long while, Florence pressed her lips together and nodded her head seriously, “Yep. I believe that my brother will come to save us. ”She turned her head to look at Clarence with a firm expression. No matter she believed it or not, she had to courage Clarence and gave him the hope of living under such a circumstance. “I will untie the rope for you. ”Florence ignored Benjamin who was watching them on the passenger seat. She lowered her head and focused her attention on untying the rope that wrapped around Clarence tightly. She was weak, yet the rope was tied tightly, so she had to use great strength to untie it. She negligently broke her fingernail and her finger began to bleed. It hurt. But comparing to the wounds on Clarence’s body, big or small, such a small wound was not a big matter. Clarence was a son from a rich family in City N and his life had been rich and smooth. If it was not because of her, he would not have been implicated into such a dangerous situation. He got hurt again and again. She really owed Clarence a lot. Florence made up her mind that no matter she would escape or not, she would let Clarence leave safe and sound at any cost. Clarence couldn’t see Florence’s movement. But he knew that it must be difficult to untie the rope because Florence’s movement was so slow. And her hands were so tender…He said in a deep voice, “Don’t try again if it’s difficult to untie. After all, Benjamin will tie me again later