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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 61: Kissing You

“Mr. Hawkins?” She stared at him and was hit with inexplicable panic. Ernest spoke with a gloomy look, “Now I know you like swimming. ” There was sarcasm in his voice. Florence was chagrined. She was now in her swimsuit immersed in the water and she could not say anything to defend for herself. She then quickly said to Cooper, “Hurry up and take me up. ” An unhappy look flashed across Cooper’s face as he disliked the way Ernest looked at Florence. The superiority in his eyes seemed to indicate everything he did with Florence now was to cuckold him. Seeing Cooper not making a move, Florence urged with anxiety, “What’s wrong? Hurry up and take me up. ” Being hugged by Cooper and stared by Ernest with threatening eyes, she slightly panicked. Although Cooper felt uncomfortable, he still took her to the shore. Upon reaching the shore, Florence instantly escaped from Cooper’s arms and climbed upwards by gripping the handle. Water was dripping down from her body when she climbed to the shore, yet she could not care about that and she wanted to walked towards Ernest. She was barefoot and as she stepped on the wet ground, she suddenly slipped. She was startled and unable to control her body, she felt herself falling down. “Careful!” Cooper immediately jumped out of the water to fetch her. Ernest responded at the same time too. He strode towards her and extended his hands, capturing her on the waist and brought her to his arms. Cooper’s hands froze in the air. The people who were at the scene had been exceptionally quiet since Ernest appeared, after seeing what happened before them, they became quieter. Two incredibly handsome men had actually wanted to compete holding Florence…How nice, even they had wanted to fall too. Florence’s body was tightly pressed against Ernest’s suit. Although there was fabric between them, her heart still raced at once and her face flushed. She quickly pushed him away. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that. ” Seeing the water stain on his suit, she panicked and was even more embarrassed. Yet her reaction had placed a great contrast in Ernest’s eyes. He saw her in Cooper’s arms the moment he arrived, yet when she was now in his arms, she was so eager to escape. The rage inside him burnt even fiercer. He pulled down his face and gripped Florence’s arm, wanting to leave. He had a great strength and Florence could not resist at all. She was forced to go with him

Florence stood there in a daze with mixed feeling. That was not part of the agreement! At a corner where no one noticed in the changing room, Isabel Hopkins was secretly standing there and she had heard everything said by Florence and Ernest. Her eyes gleamed and she let out an evil smile

. It turned out they were fake unmarried couple! Ernest left and Florence sat on a bench alone in the changing room. Her lips still slightly hurt and she was terribly upset. There was only fake relationship between her and Ernest which was achieved by mutual understanding yet now the relationship had become more and more confusing. Footsteps were heard. Florence looked up and saw Cooper walking towards her. He looked at her with a mixed expression and asked, “Are you alright?” She seemed listless like a deflated balloon. Florence shook her head and replied, “I’m okay. ” She squeezed out a smile and stood up, walking to the locker to take her clothes. She had no more mood to stay there any longer due to what happened just now. “Tell Miss Clifford that I’m leaving now. ” Cooper frowned. After a while of hesitation, as if he had finally made up his mind, he stepped forward and gripped her wrist. “Florence, what is your relationship with Ernest?”He had noticed there was an unusual relationship between them these days, yet it was not obvious. He had not asked all these time because he did not want to. He did not want to know a certain answer that he refused to accept. Yet Ernest’s possessive nature today was too conspicuous that he could not ignore it. Florence pursed her lips and her head hurt when she thought of those mind-confusing things happening with Ernest. “It’s slightly complicated. ” She could not say that as it was meant to be a secret. Cooper did not release her and he continued to ask, “Then tell me, are you a couple?”“Of course not,” Florence answered without even thinking. She would never have anything to do with Ernest Hawkins regarding that. Cooper who was tense suddenly relaxed. Good to know about that. With a relieved look, he let out a cheerful smile. He then raised his hand and rubbed her hair. “Didn’t you say you want to go back? I’ll send you. ” Florence looked at him feeling speechless. Why was his mood lightened up all of a sudden?