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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 594: Know Nothing about Love

Florence’s eyes were widened in shock. Back then, Stanford did not say anything when she was looking after Ernest. With that, she thought that she had hope. She thought that Stanford would eventually agree to them being together. But now, he was still standing his ground and object to that idea. Florence was feeling extremely flustered and restless. She instinctively held Ernest’s hand even tighter. He also tightened his grip on her hand and continued staring calmly at Stanford. “I will not leave until I have your consent. ” Stanford frowned as he was getting impatient, was Ernest abusing his status as someone who was wounded for his own gains? As soon as his wounds were healed, no matter what Ernest said, Stanford will bring Florence somewhere else without hesitation. Just as Stanford was about to say something to threaten Ernest, he heard Ernest’s deep voice. “Mr. Fraser, you don’t have to say no right now. The reason that leads you to think that I am not the one for Florence is because you don’t know enough about love right now. When you do know about love, you will see that both of us are inseparable. ” Ernest’s words startled him. Ernest was the first one who dared to say that he know nothing about love straight to his face. His reaction to hearing that was not anger, however, he instead started to feel irritated. With it came an image of Phoebe Jenkins flashing in his mind. God dammit, of all times, why would he think of Phoebe right now? Stanford was extremely irritated, but he did not have anywhere to let out the fire burning in his heart. He stood up suddenly, and said in an extremely pissed off tone. “Don’t even think about it. As soon as you’re fine, get the hell out of my house!” His words solidified his stance on the matter. Stanford did not allow anyone to object his decision, as he walked out from the house after he said that. His aura was frightening, as if he was about to murder someone in cold blood. Looking at Stanford’s back, Florence was feeling uncomfortable. She did not expect such denial from her brother! If they could not convince Stanford on the matter, they were definitely not going to convince her parents any time soon. After all the bad things that they had been through, why could they not be together at last? “Don’t worry. ” Ernest held Florence’s hand and assured her, “Stanford only did that since he is feeling down today

”“What!?”Shocked, Florence widened her eyes in utter disbelief. Following that was panic and anxiety. She asked desperately, “Wasn’t she staying with the Fraser Family just fine? Why did she go missing? Did Benjamin do something to her, too?”Seeing as Clarence and Phoebe’s conditions were both unknown to her, Florence felt as if the sky was falling on her

. Collin saw that Florence was startled and he explained. “No, not Benjamin. He’s got no part in this. Wait no, actually, he might be involved in this indirectly. ”“When we went to rescue you that day, Phoebe was with us, too. After you jumped into the sea, Mr. Fraser was devastated. So, he said some bad things to Phoebe and chased her away. We all thought that she would return to China, but she never did. She also did not return to the Fraser Family, she practically vanished without a trace. ”If she did not return to the country, it meant that she was outside by herself. A woman alone in foreign country tended to not end very well for her. Florence immediately launched into a fury, grabbed Collin’s wrist and asked in a very desperate tone. “How could this happen? Don’t you have a lot of underlings and a large information network? How could you not find Phoebe with all that at your disposal? Did something bad happen to her?”Ernest witnessed Florence’s abrupt actions, her eyes squinted and presented a dangerous gaze. Collin immediately felt that his life was on the line when the borderline murderous Florence rushed him. In his brain, Collin’s fight or flight mode got switched on, as he pushed her away instinctively and stepped backwards. He then said hurriedly, “If we haven’t found her, it doesn’t mean that she is in danger. Since after this long, she still hadn’t used her credit card, and there’s no sign of large transactions in her account. Moreover, she’s in a foreign country, her information are not complete, which makes her harder to find. Fraser had been going out these few days himself to look for her, he had also increased the scale of the operation and the amount of people involved. If nothing unnatural happens, we should be able to bring Phoebe back soon. ”Collin tried his best to console Florence. He was worried that since he made her upset, Ernest would turn around and make his life hell. Even if he was not afraid of Ernest, Ernest was giving off an intimidating aura and it felt like he could backstab Collin any time he wanted. Come one now, he was nothing but a little, weak doctor.