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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 112: Learned a New Tactic to Pick Up Girls

She kept her temper and said, “You can just close your eyes and follow me. ” Her remark had seemed to further inflame Ernest’s fury as he glared at her as though she was a malefactor whom had caused immense destruction, “What a heartless woman!” Florence felt dejected while he rebuked her again as she could not comprehend in what way had she provoked him when she had come all the way here to send him back home out of goodwill, but all he did in return was just spitting out spiteful remarks at her. She decided to let it go and disregard his action and words as a drunkard, hence she repeated, “I’ll send you back. ” She exerted all her strength to try to pull him to leave the room again, but he abruptly withdrew his arm on her shoulder while scowling in an upset and dull tone, “I don’t need you to feign your good intentions with me. ” Ernest tried to walk on his own while pushing her away with his cruel words, but he immediately lost his balance when he was stripped of any kind of support, so his body instantly fell back onto the sofa again. When he was seated again, he did not feel that something was amiss as if he had reached his destination, and he proceeded to lean back comfortably against the sofa with his half-shut eyes that were full of rage and dissatisfaction still fixated on Florence. Florence’s mouth twitched fiercely in exasperation as she was filled with pent up anger due to his nasty and mean attitude towards her. If she had known that he would give her the cold shoulder and regard her with disgust, she would not have come all the way here in the wee hours of the morning. “I couldn’t take him away as well, so think of another way on your own, Harold. ” As soon as Florence had finished her words in a huff, she swiftly turned her body and was about to walk away from him. “Stop right there!” Ernest frowned and hooted angrily at her once he had discerned her intention to take her leave. Who said that she could leave him? Florence turned her head back in aggravation, “What else can I do for you, Mr. Hawkins?” What else? It’s nothing really. Ernest pursed his lips and remained silent while only staring straight into her eyes, and even though his countenance was full of wrath, he had managed to unleash his faint stubbornness in the extreme after he was liquored up. His sullen behavior had somehow painted a picture of Florence engaging in a shameless conduct by ditching her own husband. Florence could feel her head throbbing in pain as she was befuddled by his contradictory words. Wasn’t he the one whom had rebuked her for feigning her well intentions earlier and asked her to leave him alone? What did he want now? After being in a stalemate for some time, Ernest was still unmoved and rigid as ever while retaining that exact posture, and it seemed like he could still last for quite a while. Florence however could not hold her stance anymore as she gave out a helpless laugh. Did she really have to go so far and take things seriously with a drunkard? She had decided to regard his actions as just wilding out in a drunken state. She walked up to him again and reached out her hand while she said, “Let me get you home, Mr. Hawkins. ” Ernest did not move a single inch and was still glaring at her. She continued after not getting any response from him, “I’ll treat it as you have given your consent if you stay silent. ” Florence proceeded to raise his arm and drape it on her shoulders after finishing her sentence

Ernest staggered a few steps backward with his back crashing into the wall of the elevator after being shoved away as he had been sapped of his energy since he was drunk. After losing any form of support, his body started to slide down the wall of the elevator, and it seemed like he was about to fall again. Florence’s temple throbbed in pain after seeing him losing his balance, and she hurriedly walked up to him and held him up in a split second

. However, his towering body was like a massive mountain which had almost crushed her with his enormous weight, but he had no realization that he was actually leaning his whole body on her at all as he stared straight at Florence while uttered stubbornly, “Don’t go. ”Florence’s head was about to burst as she was using up all her strength to support his body while trying to console him at the same time, “I’m not leaving you, I’m just trying to get you out from the elevator. ”Ernest shot her a suspicious gaze as he tightened his arms on her, and it was at that lingering moment that the elevator door had shut closed, and the elevator proceeded to rise again. Florence wanted to push the button for the basement parking, but she was held down by Ernest’s restraint on her with his substantial mass. How was she supposed to hit the floor button and how were they supposed to get to the car park then?She breathed in deeply and suppressed the urge to cast him aside in the elevator as she said patiently, “Could you just let me push the elevator button, Mr. Hawkins? I promise that I’m just going to press the floor button and I’m not going to leave you. ”“Call my name,” Ernest whispered softly after ignoring the latter half of her explanation. Florence’s mouth twitched in exasperation as she could not apprehend the way he had grasped the key point after she had explained in such a lengthy manner. She had no choice but to repeat his name, “Ernest. ”“Yep. ”Ernest responded with just a single word, and his mood seemed to have been elevated after his name was called. However, there was no more signs of action from him after that. Florence’s anger exploded in her heart as she stared at him staying still. Could he let her push the floor button now so that they could leave the elevator?“Ding. ”Harold and the other gentlemen were standing outside the elevator while bantering with each other when the elevator door had opened. When they had noticed that the elevator had arrived at their floor and were about to head inside, they were stupefied by the sight of the two persons sticking closely to each other. Harold was puzzled as he asked, “Why have you come up again, Florence?”Florence was tongue-tied and she could only swallow the bitterness in her mouth as it was difficult to put in a nutshell. She resignedly said, “Come in, please, and help me to press the floor button to the carpark. ”Harold shot some glances towards Ernest whom was sticking his whole body onto Florence, and he only managed to grasp the situation in hindsight. Ernest was indeed a lunatic and his actions were tremendously outrageous. However, it seemed like an excellent tactic that he could put into use in the future…