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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 492: Leave Discreetly

“No, there’s no need!” Florence stopped him immediately, it would be an adult-only image if he came out. She then put the clothes in one hand and handed them over to him. Ernest took the door and soon as he did, Florence closed the door immediately. Her heartbeat resumed back to normal once his seductive face disappeared in front of her. But the heart started racing again thinking that she would be sharing a bed with Ernest tonight. It was good to have him back, she was happy but somehow a little too adventurous. Florence sat on the sofa listening to him showering in the washroom. It had stopped. Finally, the shower had stopped. Florence’s body stiffened and she sat there uncomfortably. After some time, Ernest walked out of the washroom wearing his pyjamas. His hair was still wet with water dripping down the edges, he looked seductive. Florence’s eyes were locked onto him. Ernest stared at her dazing at him, his desire that was washed away by the cold water was ignited again. His sights turned darker, “Not going to take shower?” Shower… He had just showered. Florence blushed again. Ernest’s lips lifted and said seductively, “I’ll be waiting on the bed. ” It was like an explosion in Florence’s mind, her entire face reddened. He was indeed the god of flirting. “I’ll be long, don’t wait for me. ” Florence bit her tongue soon after, what did she say? Florence dare not look at him, she went to the fitting room, grabbed her pyjamas and went into the washroom. “Slam” She slammed the door and finally felt relax not being stared at. But her heart was still racing

“But sleeping on the sofa is uncomfortable, can you get used to it?” Florence looked at Ernest worriedly, she felt pain and guilt. A well-raised person like him had never slept on a sofa before. Ernest replied, “If I feel uncomfortable, I will come to share your bed, alright?” Another flirt!Florence blushed again, she swept a glance at him

. “Be serious. ” Ernest smiled, “I am serious, am I not on your bed now?” He held onto her waist and threw himself onto her out of a sudden. His face was so close to hers, she could felt his breath on her face. It felt like fire. Florence’s body stiffened, even her breathing was shallow. She asked, “When will the sofa be delivered?”“No rush. ” Ernest answered with his deep voice, his body was burning. His fingers linger around her waist and his lips approaching hers slowly. Their breaths were mixed up, it was an intimate moment. Florence’s heart was racing, she looked at the love of her life, a man that she missed day and night, she couldn’t resist. She shut her eyes and waiting for him to come forward. But he didn’t. It was nothing but silence, the kiss she was waiting for didn’t happen. If he wasn’t holding her with his warm arms, Florence thought he disappeared. When she was about to open her eyes, she heard his deep voice. “Florence, if we give up in the middle again, you might lose your lifetime happiness. ” Florence opened her eyes embarrassed. Give up in the middle… Lifetime happiness… He was talking about sex! “Stop the crap!” Florence stuttered and buried her face into his arms. “I want to sleep now, please leave discreetly when the sofa arrived