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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 162: Let It Be, He Will Still Pamper Her

Florence was accustomed to it that Ernest would take care of her and treated her well in every aspect. But she was a bit discomposed. She could console herself that he treats her especially well because she was recovering from the wounds. It was not a big deal. Most of the time, Ernest would stay together with Florence every day to take care of her and accompany her. But as he still had some work to attend to, he would squeeze out some time every day and work in the study. Florence became more flustered when found out that she would have a tough time every time when Ernest was busy with his work and that she would subconsciously wait for him until he come back. She actually formed such a habit after getting along with him and became independent on him. But this made her feel discomposed. If this kept going on, would she get accustomed to him and couldn’t leave him any longer? When Florence was lost in her random thoughts, the door was opened from outside with a clicking sound. Florence became nervous. Was Ernest back? Florence felt like her heart had flied to the door, but she was in a dilemma, not knowing whether she should come to the door to welcome him. She lowered her head, pretending that she was playing with her phone. She didn’t even cast a glance towards the door. Then, she heard some footsteps. It sounded like someone was walking towards her. One step… Two steps… Three steps… The person stopped by her bedside. Florence’s heartbeat became quicker. She secretly looked up towards the bedside, only to see a pair of fair and tender calves. It was not Ernest? Florence abruptly looked up and unexpected, she saw Charlotte. Charlotte gazed at Florence in confusion, “Sis, what’s wrong with you?” “No… Nothing. ” Florence hurriedly replied. She didn’t dare to look at Charlotte and she was utterly confused. Why did she think that it was Ernest? Or could it be that she was anticipating about Ernest’s backing? She felt distraught when thinking of this. Not daring to think over it any longer, Florence hastily changed the topic and asked, “Charlotte, why are you here?” “Ernest has been taking care of you during these two days, even leaving no chance for us to have a conversation. ” Charlotte looked at Florence worriedly, “Sis, how do you feel now? You had no chance to tell us the truth before, right? Ernest is taking care of you so carefully and thoughtfully, is it because you’re seriously injured?” Ernest had taken care of her so carefully to the extent as if Florence was seriously wounded, exactly, as if she was having an incurable disease. Florence felt a bit speechless, yet she also felt sweet at the same time. She shook her head, “Nope, I feel quite good. And my wounds will probably be healed several days later. ” “Oh, great. ” Charlotte nodded her head, but she still knitted her brows, “Ernest looks tired after taking care of you for several consecutive days and he didn’t have time to attend to his own business. Every time he rushed to the study and he was so busy that he seldom drink water

She braced herself and said under Ernest’s cold gaze, “Ernest, my sister asked me to send you some dessert. ”When hearing the word ‘sister’, the coldness in Ernest’s eyes gradually dispersed. And the ambience of the room became less oppressive

. Charlotte heaved a sigh of relief because this meant that she could continue to send dessert to Ernest. However, a gush of overwhelming jealousy also rose in her heart. She came to send dessert to Ernest, but he implied her to leave the moment when he saw her. Nevertheless, when she said she was here on behalf of her sister, Ernest accepted it delightedly. What was good was about Florence that Ernest, who was so outstanding and superior, would treat her so well?“Ernest, this is the chocolate cake that you like the best. Have a try. ”Charlotte put the coffee and dessert on the desk and then stood beside it while looking at Ernest with her eyes full of anticipation. But Ernest still didn’t spare a glance at her. He said in an indifferent voice, “You can go out. ”Charlotte froze. She was so happy that she could send desserts to him, but Ernest only gave her a glance at the beginning and there was dissatisfaction in his eyes. This was totally different from what she had imagined. Charlotte clenched her fists and then said in a soft voice, “Florence said staying on the bed all day long is so boring and that there’re many books in your study. She asked me to select some books for her. ”“What kinds of book does she like?” Ernest asked in a natural manner. Charlotte felt jealousy again, “She didn’t tell me about this and simply asked me to pick up some books for her. Can I choose books here? I want to find some books that Florence would like to read. ”As Ernest had never seen Florence reading books before, he had no idea about which kinds of books she would like. Therefore, he could only nod his head. Charlotte felt delighted. She immediately said with a smile, “Thank you, Ernest. ”Her delightful tone sounded like Ernest had just agreed to let her choose books for herself. Ernest slightly wrinkled his brows. The books in his study were all his private collectors and he wouldn’t allow others to read them. Naturally he wouldn’t allow Charlotte to read them. But Charlotte was here to pick up books for Florence. He pressed his lips into a line. All right, let it be…