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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 717 Let Me Be Your Go-Between

Florence waved her hands, "I'm much better. The conversation outside woke me up and I couldn't fall into sleep. " The explanation was reasonable. The four bodyguards acknowledged the explanation and felt a bit guilty. They were highly paid to protect Florence, but they failed to create a quiet environment for her sleep. They needed to be more responsible. Finding that they didn't suspect her words, she felt relieved and went outside. Before she went further, Bonnie ran towards her. Seeing her, Bonnie exhaled. "Luckily I heard the noise and hurried to find you, or you'll roam outside. " Florence had no choice but to smile. Bonnie was told by Ernest that she should be with Florence in the daytime these days. Wherever Florence went, she should go with her. Usually Florence was still in a sleep at this time, so Bonnie came here late. But today was different. Florence understood her and she caught the key points in her words. She asked, "What have you heard?" Speaking of this, Bonnie said excitedly with shiny eyes, "Duke came here! He was ready to bear the test in the main yard. This was a piece of big news and many people came here. " Florence lived in a place like backyard for guests. Beside it was the main yard as wide as a football field. The main yard was used to greet guests, So it was large enough to hold a large number of people. Florence was surprised. Ernest set the test and planned to have so many people watch it? Didn't it mean everyone would know about it? Ernest never liked crowds or showing himself to others. But now he planned to do so. There must be some reasons. What was he planning? "Let's go. " Florence dragged Bonnie to the main yard. Bonnie was very curious, so she agreed immediately and followed Florence. The four bodyguards followed them silently. They sighed in heart, Mr. Hawkins' s medicine was so effective that it made Florence recover in only one night

Seeing him, the crowds actively gave a way to him. Florence recognized the man at the first sight. She stopped drinking tea but look at him straight and gently

. How could her man so handsome?Ernest was as cool as usual. Even thought he was walking through the crowds, he cared for nobody. However, suddenly he raised his look and looked into Florence's as if their feelings connected. Florence seemed to be touched by the electric currency. Her heart suddenly beat fast and she flushed. She couldn't help giving a sweet smile. A smile glided through Ernest's face. "Bro, what are you looking at?"Hector came from behind and followed his eyesight. When Ernest saw Florence hiding herself so fast, a smile appeared around the corner of Ernest's lips. He ignored Hector and kept walking forward. However, Hector behaved as if he had passed the test. He said excitedly beside Ernest,"Bro, if you like a girl, chase her immediately. Bonnie is quite good. If you miss the opportunity, she will be got by another man. ""If you don't like the marriage proposal ceremony here, I'll arrange another. I promise you can soon marry Bonnie. "Ernest ignored his words as if nobody was beside him. Hector felt his passion was poured out by cool water, feeling disappointed. He was puzzled, thinking it was too hard to please Ernest. Perhaps arranging the marriage proposal ceremony didn't work. Maybe he should try sending him a woman. Ernest didn't know Hector was thinking about some stupid ways to please him. He stepped on the stage with a poker face. He sat coldly on the only chair on the stage. Hector found nowhere else to be seated, so he had to stand in front of Ernest with resignation.