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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 522: Let Me Put on the Ring for You

Florence’s heart almost stopped beating. It was a whole-hearted romantic set-up, gorgeous ring along with marriage proposal from her loved one. Unlike the verbal promised before, this was a real proposal. Similar to what happened at City N, Ernest decorated the villa, renovated the garden and proposed her with flowers. She didn't understand his intention at that time and missed the chance. But this time, they were deep in love with each other, she would never reject him again. She nodded with tears in her eyes. "Yes. " The man behind let out a relaxing laugh and said. "Let me put on the ring for you. " Florence sobbed, "Okay. " Happiness was so close by. She could hear the approaching steps from behind. And he was right behind her in no time. He leaned onto her lightly and hugged her from the back. His arms past crossed her, he picked up the ring with one hand and held her hand up with another. Florence's body stiffened. It was her first time putting on a ring. Perhaps she was too nervous, she felt uncomfortable by the hug, his hug made her anxious. She looked at the hand grabbing on hers, it was freezing cold, making her uncomfortable. Ernest would never touch her with a cold hand, he always warmed it before holding her. She would sometimes warm his hand for him but had never felt discomfort touching his cold hands and was always reluctant to let go instead. But the hug presently made her nervous and his hand made her cold. This was odd. All the happiness and excitement were swept away suddenly and replaced with rationality

” Benjamin smiled and continued, “But you won’t have the chance to do so. ” Florence astounded, what did he mean? She felt danger was approaching, she immediately took a few steps back and ready to run away. However, five men came out from the wood and blocked her way

. She couldn’t fight five huge men. She yelled anxiously, “Benjamin Turner, this is the Fraser’s territory, what do you want to do to me? My parents and brother would know right away if something happened to me!” “Don’t worry, I won’t harm you, I only want to marry you. ” Benjamin walked towards Florence elegantly, “Once we are married, I will treat you good as long as you are obedient. ” Benjamin’s calmness terrified Florence. She didn’t know his plan but was sure that he won’t let her go. She lost all her power the moment she was captured. “I’d rather die than marrying you!” Florence shouted, turned her body and rushed towards the flowerbed. She didn’t pay attention to the road and stepped all over the flowerbed. While running, she took out her mobile and called Stanford. Benjamin’s face darkened and ordered at once, “Capture her!” The men in black rushed towards Florence speedily. Florence ran with all she got, but it wasn’t even three meters away before she was captured by two men. But another one snatched her mobile away. “Stanford…” She yelled but saw that the call that was just connected was disconnected again. “Give me the mobile. ” Stanford’s face was as dark as burnt charcoal, he took over the mobile and it rang the moment it landed on his hand. It was from Stanford. “Darn it!” He cursed. He had everything in controlled but Florence rushed into the flowerbed ignoring the thorns. Stanford would definitely ask everything in details after receiving a call from Florence.