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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 286: Let’s Cancel the Engagement

She had such a feeling when she opened her eyes. She felt depressed when she came back to City N. When she was in Riverside City, she could still console herself that she could get rid of those troublesome matters and that she did not need to think of them. But when she came back to the city, things were getting different. She had to face those matters now. She was driven out of the Fraser family and was now a homeless Fraser who had no family background. Although the Hawkins family didn’t attach great importance of the match of family backgrounds, she, a homeless woman, was not qualified to marry into such a noble and rich family. Even if they got married, her identity would be a taint for the perfect Ernest. Moreover, she was not a virgin. She was raped by a man in that hotel at that night. It was a nightmare that would disturb her for the rest of her life and she could never forget it. Ernest was a perfect man, whom should marry an immaculate woman. Florence felt inferior in front of him. Florence was overwhelmed by bitterness and depression. It turned out that when she realized that she had fallen for him, these negative emotions would be infinitely amplified. When she realized that she had fallen for him, she didn’t feel delighted; instead, she became more inferior and poor-spirited. It was her mistake to be fascinated by a man that she shouldn’t love. “Mr. Hawkins. ” Florence walked into the living room of the villa and paused. Ernest, who was about to carry the luggage cases to upstairs, paused and looked towards Florence when he heard her voice. He said patiently, “What’s the matter?” Florence looked at him and gritted her teeth to suppress her turbulent thoughts. She then said in a low voice, “Mr. Hawkins, you don’t need to carry my luggage case to upstairs. I have been living in your home for a long time and I think I should move out now. ” Ernest wrinkled his eyebrows, a touch of unhappiness flashing across his eyes. He said in a resolute tone, “No need. You can still live in my home. You don’t need to regard yourself as an outsider. ” They would get married soon. Since he and Florence had lived in this villa together, Ernest planned to take this villa as their matrimonial home. Florence shook her head and said in a determined voice, “It’s not convenient for me to live here. ” She walked towards him and reached out in an attempt to take her luggage case from him, saying, “My things are still in the bedroom

“Mr. Hawkins. ” Ernest called him and walked towards him

. She then looked at him with a serious look. “You said you won’t cancel our engagement. Come on, are you going back on your works? You’re a gentleman and you can’t…” Florence suddenly paused because she realized that the man in front of her was getting gloomier and gloomier. His expression was so hideous and dangerous. Florence was startled by his expression and swallowed the following words. Ernest knitted his brows tightly. Looking at the woman who was determined to cancel the engagement with him, Ernest felt a gush of burning anger in his chest. He thought that since he was fascinated by him, she would drop the idea of cancelling their engagement. But when she came back, she immediately brought up this topic. She still wanted to cancel their engagement and even wanted to move out of his home!Did she really like him?Ernest pulled a long face and asked in a low voice, “So you only saw my alienation in Riverside? Don’t you know why I keep a distance away from you?”Florence was dumbfounded when she heard his question. She thought that Ernest kept a distance away from her because they had a tacit agreement that they would cancel their engagement after coming back to the city. But Florence was confused by his attitude now. He never thought of canceling the engagement with her, but he still kept a distance away from her. It meant that he was humoring her before in an attempt to alleviate her anger. This was his stalling tactics!Florence realized that she was fooled. But she was not angered when she realized this. Instead, she was bewildered. Ernest didn’t plan to cancel their engagement. But should she marry him?Nonetheless, she had so many worries in heart and it was really hard for her to take a step. This man deserved a better debutante. Florence felt suppressed as if a huge stone was hanging above her heart. She gritted her teeth and uttered a cruel answer with difficulty, “Yes. ”It was a really cruel word. Her answer pierced into Ernest’s heart like a sword and Ernest stumbled. He didn’t understand why Florence insisted on cancelling their engagement. But her resolution made him heartbroken. Florence noticed the gloominess on Ernest’s face and thought that he was angry. She also felt upset. But she had made up her mind and she must insist on it.