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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 506: Let’s Not Shower

Florence was afraid to look further down; it would be embarrassing if her nose bled. She turned her head aside, afraid to look directly at his body and started to unbutton his shirt without looking. Since she wasn’t looking, her fingers touched Ernest’s skin from time to time. Ernest’s sights darkened. He looked straight at her with his desire ignited. Florence didn’t notice Ernest’s expression; she felt the temperature around her risen and felt like her cheeks were as hot as burning flames. It took her quite a while to finally undressed Ernest's upper body. She avoided Ernest’s chest and looked right at his belt. She froze. Continued or stopped? This… She regretted her words. It was too intimate to serve Ernest this way, too embarrassing, she could die. Ernest lowered his head and looked at Florence’s embarrassed face. He held her hands and put them on his waist. “Do it slowly,” he said lightly

He then took huge steps towards the washroom. Florence felt like every single cell in her body frozen. Did she really need to follow him into the washroom and showered him? She buried her face in her palm and walked in with her racing heart

. Ernest had turned on the faucet of the bathtub the moment she stepped in, warm water flowing out, filling the tub. Ernest stood in front of the tub and stared at Florence. He was waiting for her. To undress him? “I… You… I…”Florence who stood two meters away stuttered. Ernest looked at her with his burning sights and reminded her smiley, “Florence, it’s filled. ” He suggested her to have no more hesitation. Florence blushed harder, her nervous heart was about to jump out. Could she say no now? She couldn’t say no looking at Ernest’s passionate stared, she clenched her teeth and walked towards him bravely.