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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 298: Light in Despair

“No matter what the pain she’s experiencing now, could it reach one percent of that Ernest is suffering? I want her to experience the same pain as Ernest. I want her to know what kind of painful torture Ernest is experiencing now in the surgery room. ” As he spoke, Barney slapped Florence again on her face violently. Florence saw stars, her sight becoming dizzy. A trace of blood flew out of her mouth. She felt the burning pain on her cheeks. However, her gaze was still spiritless. She gazed at the surgery without a blink. She looked as if she could still open her eyes and breathe, all the pains and insults couldn’t move her at all. All her focus was on Ernest. If she couldn’t be assured that he had passed the critical period, the nerve in Florence’s heart would be kept tightened. Her reaction, however, was an encouragement to Barney. The more he slapped her, the more excited he had become. Raising his hand high, he wanted to slap Florence across her face again. “Swoosh--” Right then, the door of the surgery room was opened. Florence, as numb as a log just now, seemed to be alive all of a sudden. She rushed over to the door. With the reddened and swollen cheeks, she appeared in front of the doctor first. She asked in a nervous and trembling voice, “Doc, how’s Ernest?” The doctor looked solemn, with a piece of sheet in his hands. “Are you his family? The patient's condition is not optimistic. We are trying our best to save him, but you need to sign the notice of critical illness. ” The notice of critical illness? Upon hearing those words, Florence was like being struck by the lightning. She had been waiting on the thin ice for such a long time, but unexpectedly, she received such news. She had no guts to imagine what she would be like if that powerful gentleman didn’t exist in this world and she couldn’t see him again. The feeling of loss almost made her go nuts. “Impossible! Ernest would be fine! Doc, you must save him at any cost! Otherwise, you all should die with him!” Georgia roared in anger. Her wrinkled face looked violent and threatening. Her eyes were reddened in ruthlessness, quite scaring. Holding the notice of critical illness, the doctor’s hands trembled. Sweat oozed on his forehead. The doctor immediately said, “Mrs. Hawkins, we’ll try our best. However. ” “Just try your best effort and get in to save him! Don’t waste your time any longer. If you need any equipment, blood, and even organs, the Hawkins family will find them for you as soon as possible. I have only one condition - save him!” “Yes, ma’am. ” The doctor dared not to speak anything else, and nor dared he ask them to sign the notice of critical illness

She was so desperate when hearing that she had killed Ernest. Ernest was dying, wasn’t he? Was he dying?If Ernest had left this world, what would be so good about this world then?Seemingly he was the only person that she cared about in this world. Florence felt the throbbing pain in her heart as if she would be dying because of lacking oxygen

. She couldn’t accept this result at all. In the corridor, the Hawkins family members already burst into tears. Even Georgia couldn’t support herself any longer. She seemed to be aged for decades in an instant. The gray hair on her head and her winkles without her aura made her as haggard as a dying old woman. Florence’s eyes were reddened with burning pain. However, she couldn’t shed a single tear. She didn’t believe that Ernest would die. He was so strong. He couldn’t die for sure. She wouldn’t let him die. She wouldn’t!“Dot, please! Save him! Please save him! He’s Ernest Hawkins. He has the strongest life. As long as you try your best efforts, he would survive for sure,” Florence begged hard. Without caring about anything, she crawled over the tug hemline of the doctor’s trousers. The doctor was stiff, too. Comparing to any other experiences that he announce the death of the patients, he feared the most for this time. It was Ernest Hawkins who was lying on the operating table. He was the owner of the Hawkins family, the top of the power and influence. If something happened to him, all of them would be doomed as well. However, what else could they do? They had used up all their knowledge and skills in their whole life but still failed to save that man. “I’m sorry. We’ve tried our best. Now we are rescuing him before he dies. Unless there would be a miracle-working doctor, nobody could save him. ”A miracle-working doctor?Suddenly, Florence thought about someone. Although those doctors in the surgery room were the top experts in the world, Collin was the legend in the medical field. In his legend, he could make the flesh grow on the bones, same as a miracle-working doctor. He could even make the dead ones reborn. If she found him, he could probably save Ernest, right?As if she had found the light in despair, Florence stood up from the ground immediately. She rushed to throw the crowd and trotted out of the hospital. She acted fast and suddenly without caring about her injuries and pains at all.