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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 664: Like a Married Couple

Ernest: “You should be quite exhausted last night. Eat some light dishes today. Good girl, they are good for recovering. ” Reading the message, Florence blushed instantly. She couldn’t help recalling the erotic scenes last night. She wondered if Ernest was implying that they were too hot last night so she needed to eat something light today. What a rascal! Looking at the light dishes on the table, Florence wanted to cry but failed to shed tears. She replied to him. Florence: “Will you come back for lunch?” Ernest: “I’m too busy to go back now. Go ahead have lunch. I’ll go back to accompany you in the evening. ” It was said that they were going to refit a car, and Ernest designed it in person. He must be super busy right now. Florence understood but also felt a bit sorry for him. After experiencing last night, she wondered if he would still be fine. Thinking for a moment, she sent him another message: “Remember to have lunch. ” Ernest replied immediately: “Okay. ” Then he sent another message: “Are you feeling better now?” His question reminded Florence about her weakened legs right away. She thought about last night again. She felt so uneasy while replying: “I’m fine, completely OK. You don’t need to ask Tammy to deliver the high-tea to me later. I can go out to have it. ” While typing, Florence cast an embarrassed glance at the two women next to her. She had to lie on the bed because of doing that kind of thing, and Tammy delivered her the food and drinks as if she was taking care of a patient. Florence felt so ashamed. Ernest: “That’s good. You’ve recovered quite well. Does that mean we can continue tonight?” While Florence read the message, her mouth corners fiercely twitched. She inwardly cursed him. What a cheeky man! She couldn’t believe that his first reaction was that he could continue having sex with her since she told him she had recovered. In anger, Florence directly switched off her cell phone, ignoring him completely. However, she still felt her cheeks burning. Her cheeks were so reddened just like a ripe red apple. Phoebe looked at Florence meaningfully. With a smile, she asked jokingly, “Oops, what kind of nasty jokes were you chatting with each other? By only a few messages, you’ve turned so shy. ” Florence blushed more. Feeling shy and annoyed, she said, “Not at all. Stop making wild guesses. I just feel a bit hot. ” As she spoke, she pushed away from the quilt and got off the bed. “Phoebe, let’s have lunch together. ” In Fraser’s house, no matter the meal was prepared for one person or for several ones, there would be a lot of dishes

Ernest was way too busy, and she wondered he must be quite tired. However, she couldn’t do anything to help him at all. After waiting for a long, the door of her room was still closed

. Florence hesitated for a moment and then decided to take a bath first. As soon as she opened the door of the bathroom and was about to enter, she heard a click -- the door of her room was opened from the outside. The person directly opened the door widely. Florence was startled. She turned around and looked over, only to find the handsome man in a suit, walking into the room as if he was stepping on the starlight all over the ground. Florence’s eyes lit up. She said extremely delightfully, “You are back!”Ernest gazed at her, his eyes twinkling slightly. He curled up his lips into an evil smile. Lowering his voice, he said with implication, “Yeah. I’m back. ”His answer was simple, but it was like a feather that swept over Florence’s heart. She recalled their conversation. It sounded like the dialogue between married couples. The more she thought of it, the more she felt so. Florence’s face was reddened and burning while she felt uneasy. Ernest stared at her, strode over to her step by step. He whispered to ask, “Are you going to take a bath?”Florence answered in a daze, “Yes, I am. ”“I can help you,” Ernest said naturally with a smile on his face as if he was suggesting to have a walk. However, she was going to take a bath. The scene that he helped her bathe in the morning immediately flashed through Florence’s mind. It was way too ambiguous. Although they didn’t do that kind of thing, he had touched her body several times. She felt so ashamed. Without any hesitation nearly, she shook her head to reject him. “No, thanks. I can do it myself. ”Ernest didn’t stop walking. He was still striding to her step by step. While walking, he was taking off his suit jacket elegantly. Florence’s body was tightened instantly. It seemed that he would truly help her shower, but she was so scared. “No! Thanks! Really! I’m going to take a bath. Bye. ”Florence trotted into the bathroom in a panic. She immediately closed the door and locked it from the inside. As soon as the door was locked, she saw the tall and strong figure behind the glass door. He was standing there steadily liked a mountain, which would swallow her alive.