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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 127: Like a Newly Married Couple

She was only staying there for a few days. Hence, Florence didn’t bring too many things. She only brought a backpack with some daily necessities and a few clothes in it. On the contrary, Charlotte brought a large suitcase, as if all her belongings were packed inside. She looked like she was going for a long stay. The corners of Florence’s mouth twitched and she was a little confused. She was not sure whether bringing Charlotte along was a good or bad choice. However, Ernest seemed to be okay about it. He didn’t even take a glance at Charlotte. His eyes only looked at Florence along the way. When they reached the villa, Florence chose a room not far and not too near from Ernest’s room. She brought Charlotte into the room. There were a lot of rooms in the villa, but there was no guest room. The appearance of this room was in Florence’s expectations. The room only had little furniture in it, looking clean and tidy. It would be convenient to use it as a temporary bedroom. “Sis, am I sleeping here? But why there is no bed here?” Charlotte seemed to be a little surprised. She stood at the door and didn’t even put down her luggage. Florence looked at Ernest and said helplessly, “There’s no guest room in his house. We can just sleep by spreading blankets on the floor. ” Charlotte hesitated, but she didn’t want to leave the house because of the bed, so she nodded and agreed. Florence also put down her bag and started to arrange the things. As she unzipped her bag, a fair and slender hand grabbed her hand. Ernest’s attractive voice came from above her head, “What are you doing?” Florence answered, “Arranging my things. ” As she spoke, she tried to pull her hand out of his, but he grabbed her tighter and pulled her up. She was caught off guard and fell into his arms. His breath was so close, close enough to make her heart tremble. When she realized that Charlotte was still here, her cheeks blushed and reddened. She immediately pushed Ernest away, “What do you want? Let go of me. ” “Sleep in my room. ” He said word by word. Each word was said in a firm tone. Florence was mortified, “I’ll sleep with Charlotte. ” “She doesn’t need it. ” Ernest directly denied her words. However, a hint of flirtations could be found in his tone. “It’s not your first time sleep in my room anyway, why are you still pretending?” This was pretentious? Florence was stunned

” Florence saw that Charlotte was already taken care of, she had nothing more to say. She picked up her bag again and went to Ernest’s room. She had lived here several times

. Now that the room was refurnished, it looked similar to the style of her own house. Hence, this made her felt familiar, just like returning to her own home. However, this also made Florence felt panic and fear. She purposely ignored the furnishing in the room and opened her bag to unpack. “Mr. Hawkins, this is my skin care products. Can I used up a little of your space?”“Yes. ”Ernest gave a quick response. He even took the initiative to go in front of the dresser and emptied a large space for her. Florence looked at the emptied space, her heart panicked again. Ernest’s things were place on the left, and hers were on the right. It looked harmonious like a newly married couple’s place. She remained holding her things and dare not put them on the dresser. After hesitating for a moment, she said, “I only have a few things. I can just simply find a space and put them. ”As she said this, she turned and intended to leave. However, she bumped into Ernest’s muscular and strong chest. She was shocked. She quickly took a step back and ended up sitting on the dresser. “Mr. , Mr. Hawkins, please move a little. ”Ernest remained his position. He leaned forward and got closer to her. His tall body was like a tall mountain leaning towards her, which made her felt like she could get crushed by him. His breath surrounded her and made her heart pumped crazily. She looked at him in panic, her body struggled to lean back. “What, what do you want to do?”Florence wished that he could stop getting closer. Ernest’s hands were placed on the dresser and he completely enclosed her in between in his arms. He looked at her with a deep and dark gaze. His tone was low and tempting, “Just put your things together with mine. ”He got so close to her just to tell her this? Was that necessary?