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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 216: Like a Typical CEO

Florence had hesitated for a long while, but she failed to make an excuse. Fortunately, an incoming call rescued her. After Ernest answered the call, he looked a bit solemn. He turned around to look at Florence and said, “I’m going to have a video conference. It’ll take around half an hour. ” “Okay. ” Florence nodded, seeing that he looked a bit anxious. Then she watched him walk into the study of the suite. He was indeed quite busy. After walking in, he had been sitting in front of his laptop, concentrating on his work. It was indeed an opportunity for her now. While Ernest didn’t pay attention to her, Florence sneaked out of the suite in secret. When she left the room, she looked back while feeling worried. Until she walked into the elevator, she didn’t see her suite door open. Then she breathed a sigh of relief. She took the elevator to go downstairs. Ernest’s visit was so sudden that she was off guard. Florence felt flustered as long as she was staying in the hotel. Checking the time, she found it was almost the appointed time for her to go to explore the fashion of Riverside City with Reynold. She could take the chance to hide from Ernest. She wondered if nobody would notice them as long as she didn’t appear in the hotel with Ernest at the same time. At the thought of it, Florence went to the gate of the hotel to wait for Reynold. However, just after she had been standing there shortly, a tall and strong figure approached her unexpectedly. She smelt the familiar scent from the person. She turned around and found it was Ernest. Florence was so scared that she took several steps back, gaping at Ernest. “Why, why are you here?” Instead of answering her question, Ernest looked around. Then he asked in a deep voice, “What are you doing here?” “Waiting for someone, of course,” Florence answered. Then she took a few more steps back and distanced herself from Ernest. However, Ernest strode forward and approached her. He asked again, “Whom are you waiting for?” Florence answered honestly, “Reynold. ” Ernest’s face fell immediately. “You sneaked out just for meeting Reynold Myron?” There was a threat with jealousy in his sinking tone. Florence shook her head to deny, “I’m going out to work with him. ” Ernest pressed his thin lips, gazing at Florence in disbelief. Florence could only explain again, “I’m going on a field trip with him to browse the fashion of Riverside City. Reynold knows the most. Hence he will show me around. ” Florence looked sincere, and Ernest could tell that she wasn’t lying. It was not until then did Ernest look better. He reached out and grabbed Florence’s hand. “I just arrived here, so I should invite my employees for dinner. I gave all of you a day off today

It fits. Do you want to try it on?”It was the first time that Florence cared about what jacket he was wearing. Ernest stared at her

. Although he knew that she might have some plan, he was unwilling to reject her suggestion. He wished only if she could care more about the trifles such as what he wore in the future. Hence, Ernest nodded cooperative. “Sure, I’ll change it. ”Florence was delighted. She immediately took the initiative to take out the jacket with the black stripes. Then she put it neatly in the cloakroom. “Mr. Hawkins, please take your time. I’ll be waiting for you outside. ”After finishing her words with a smile, Florence closed the door of the cloakroom immediately. Ernest looked at the closed door, and his expression changed slightly. He curled up his lips into a helpless smile. As soon as the door of the cloakroom was closed, Florence didn’t wait for Ernest. Instead, she trotted outside secretly. She opened the door of the suite, escaped, and closed it in one go. In this case, she didn’t need to attend the dinner with Ernest together. It wouldn’t be so embarrassing even if someone saw them. The dinner was planned on the top floor of the hotel, in a luxurious big box. Three large round tables were placed in there. Since Ernest was the host for this dinner, everyone attended it very early. When Florence got there, almost everyone had arrived. Florence knew that it was pretty quick for Ernest to change his jacket. Probably he would follow her in shortly. To avoid being suspected, Florence walked quite fast, almost trotting into the box. She was trotting too fast and didn’t pay much attention to her surroundings. When she was walking into the door, she bumped into a man unexpectedly. The man immediately helped her up in his arms. Then Florence heard his pleasant voice above her head. “Florence, are you all right?”As soon as she looked up, she saw Reynold’s handsome face. She felt a bit embarrassed, leaving Reynolds’ arms immediately. “Sorry for bumping into you. ”“It’s alright. Don’t panic. Mr. Hawkins hasn’t arrived yet,” Reynold comforted her. Of course, Florence did know that Ernest hadn’t arrived yet. He was dumped by her behind. She wondered if he would be angry after coming out from the cloakroom and found her nowhere.