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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 144: Like, Watching Movie

Charlotte hung up the phone and said to the security guard triumphantly, “My sister has sent someone to pick me up. Humph, how dare you to block my way? I will ask Mr. Hawkins to fire all of you later. ” The security guards’ expressions became gloomier. When looking at the complacent Charlotte, they had an impulse to beat her up. Shirley arrived at the entrance after a short while. She greeted Charlotte with a smile, “Hello, I’m Shirley Flores, are you Charlotte Fraser?” When seeing that the one came to take her into the hotel was a young girl and she could tell that Shirley was just an insignificant sidekick, Charlotte’s expressions turned gloomy. She said flatly, “It’s me. ” “Florence asked me to pick you up. Please come with me. ” Feeling Charlotte’s bad attitude towards her, Shirley’s hospitality cooled down and she also treated her with a businesslike attitude. She was just an assistant after all and she didn’t need to suck up to anyone. So her attitude towards a person would depend on his/her attitude towards her. Charlotte’s pulled a longer face. Was Florence trying to psych her out? Even an insignificant employee sent by Florence dared to disrespect her! Charlotte was annoyed and wanted to scold Shirley, but at a second thought, she recalled that her aim for tonight was to come into the hotel to find Ernest and to approach him. Therefore, she couldn’t make a fuss at the entrance. So she could just suppress her anger and follow Shirley into the hotel. When they walked pass the security guards, Charlotte gave them a triumphant and complacent glance. She was quite provoking and arrogant at the moment. The security guards all felt speechless. This woman was really Florence’s younger sister. But her temper and morality were really bad. It could be deduced that that Florence must also have a poor morality… They suddenly felt it hard to accept the fact that Florence would be Ernest’s wife in the future. As their first meeting was not pleasant, Charlotte didn’t talk to Shirley after walking into the hotel. Shirley led her into the venue of the banquet and reminded her in a business tone, “We arrive. You can walk around freely and eat everything you like. Call me if you need me. I will send you back when the banquet is over. ” Looking at the magnificent and luxurious venue, a touch of excitement and smile appeared on Charlotte’s face. She asked, “Where’s Erne… oh, Florence? Shirley gave her a weird look and replied, “Florence is not here

“Do you want to watch this movie ‘Divination’?” Florence asked Ernest. After pondering for a while, she added, “It’s about ancient martial arts. ” Ernest asked in a low vice, “Do you like to watch it?”“Not so

. ”She mainly considered about his preference when choosing this movie. Most of men liked to watch Kung Fu movies after all. Ernest seemed to have seen through Florence’s mind and a curled his lips into an inexplicable smile. He used to made decisions by himself in the past, but today, he felt it a pleasant thing to choose a movie together with Florence. He looked up at the movies available on the screen and said, “This movie, ‘Me Before You’. ”"What?"Florence looked at Ernest in surprise and didn’t believe at what she had heard. ‘Me Before You’? She could tell that this was a romantic movie from the title. Why did Ernest choose such a movie?Florence hesitated for a while and then asked with uncertainty, “Mr. Hawkins, you chose this movie because of me?”"Yep. "Ernest admitted it without any touch of embarrassment. Florence was nailed to the ground, her heart throbbing uncontrollably. The waitress, who was waiting for them to choose a movie, said enviously, “Miss, you’re really joyous. Your boyfriend is so handsome and thoughtful. ”Florence’s face immediately turned red. She hurriedly explained, “He’s not my boyfriend. ”The waitress became more envious, “This hunk is pursuing you? Wow, he’s handsome, gentle and thoughtful and you can’t find such a perfect man again. Don’t hesitate and accept his love. ”Florence was rendered speechless. She felt awkward and wanted to explain it, but Ernest calm voice sounded at the moment, “Two tickets for ‘Me Before You’ and two sets of menu. ”“Roger. ”When printing the tickets, the waitress teased them, “This movie is about a sweet relationship. The hero and heroic gradually fall in love with each other and it’s suitable for couples to watch it. Many couples were affected by the atmosphere and kissed each other in the cinema. ”Kiss in the cinema?Ernest raised his brows. He didn’t say anything, but his aura became gentler than usual.